Barack Obama has been "getting a pass." It's time to revisit Bill Clinton and Mena, Arkansas.

Barack Obama is "getting a pass" from Democratic Leadership Council and Blue Dog Democrat types and plenty of so-called "liberals." It's not the first time a Democratic President has been held up as "the lesser of evils" and therefore the best "we" (those Democrats) could manage what with the penchant for many Americans to shoot themselves in the foot by electing neocon, neoliberal, hyper-predatory, hyper-violent, unethical-capitalist, crony, Republican, hypocritical, lying slime balls, as it were.

It's time to revisit the Mena, Arkansas, Reagan/Bush/Clinton CIA drug-smuggling cover-up.

Here's a link that Cranston Snord supplied when I raised the issue.

That link is actually quite tame.

Here are two comments I added that came out of the thread on Betty Molchany's post thread.

Tom Usher

That WaPo article is a pretty good beginning. I say beginning because it goes really, really deep. The leads are endless. You never run out of material. They snake all through the dark side.

Look, a couple grade school boys were murdered because they had stumbled into a drop zone. The whole thing was covered up. When you listen to their parents, it breaks your heart. The Clintons were right in the thick of it all and all on account of the huge money laundering that was going on. Hillary was a big shot statewide lawyer too, and her law firm was implicated in tons of stuff for the banks that was all papered over. Bill Clinton knew all about it.

"I never had sexual relations with that woman." That was just a telling sideshow. The only reason they didn't go after him on Mena was because it would have pulled down the Bush family too and killed off the Reagan "reputation," which was already crap on account of Iran-Contra. They couldn't pull him down on Whitewater because they couldn't go into it deeply enough. The Clinton people had plenty on everyone else. That's what they all do, get dirt on each other and then "trust" each other because no one wants to be ruined by a lynch mob with the truth. It's like the Aryan Nation requiring members to kill someone randomly in eyeshot of other members – join the club.

So, what's the price of initiation into the Bush/Clinton Club?

One lead leads to another and another all through the CIA and the Nazis and drug dealing going back to the China Opium Wars and pirating and on and on.

Welcome to Afghanistan where all the anti-poppy talk is just that: talk. Every big bankster is getting his cut and turning around and rewarding the minion millionaires. We all know that the Taliban had dramatically reduced the poppy cultivation. We also know that the only thing the US was going to do was start spraying hugely expensive, ineffective, toxic herbicides – that's chemical-corporation contracting with all the side deals, etc. The cultivation would have continued.

Don't forget that Wal-Mart (now Walmart) is Arkansas. That's the publicly richest immediate family in the world. Hillary was really close to them. The dirt would have spread. You know the Walton's knew about what was going on. Nothing could happen there on the ground, etc., without their knowledge.

Now you know another reason why Bill Clinton gets along so well with the Bush family. Now you know another reason why they all hate Jimmy Carter so much too because Carter wasn't ever dirty with any of that sort of stuff.

One of the worst things that happened was Yugoslavia breaking up. The powers that be couldn't stand it that Tito wasn't under the thumb of either the Atlanticists or Soviets but was nonaligned.

The CIA worked over time to bring about sectarian strife there even while the so-called European leaders were publicly wringing their hands for fear of a new world war since the first one, they claim, had started there: another "historical fact" farce.

Clinton had a huge hand in cracking that all up for Empire's sake. He milked the Kosovo story that was almost all a huge lie. Once the real story came out, it was all flushed down the memory hole.

He was surrounded by, surrounded himself with, Zionists and neoliberals. It's a terrible combination that is killing everything decent in foreign affairs. We need to kill off Zionism and kill off neoliberal economics. The sooner those things are done the better. We need to do those things by changing hearts and minds for real.

Predatory capitalism is a mental illness. There is no more militarily aggressive ideology in the world. Just look at the military-industrial complex. Capitalist military contracts and all the capitalist contracts associated with Empire have replaced the old-style imperialism, but it's leading right back to it — consolidation.

The capitalists like to point to the wars fought by socialists and communists. However, who won the wars and why? Besides, there's a huge difference between non-dictatorial giving and sharing versus a one-party dictatorship under a cult of personality.

If we end up with one global bank running it all right out in the open, how could it not give rise to an evil dictator using and magnifying all the worst examples from the pages of history?


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