Both sides are historically wrong: Political Rifts Reappear in Northern Ireland Riots -

Tom Usher wrote or added | Well, I don't want to reopen wounds here. Let me say though in the spirit of peace and truth that King James II of England had his dark side. He was an absolutist, not that there isn't a strong leaning to fascism in certain wings of the "Protestant" movement down through history. The English Bill of Rights did come out of the process of defeating James though. Some of the Orange chest pounding is prideful in this regard. I do like James' leanings to freedom of religion. So, my point is that both sides of the conflict were a strange mixture with neither having a monopoly on good sense. But to side with either or both requires qualifying language. I like aspects of both and hate aspects of both. Neither should be thumping the other but should be looking to serve the common good.

Thanks to Betty Molchany for the link.

Betty has a different take on it.

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