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Tom Usher wrote or added | "In fact, non-Jews are accorded citizenship in Israel only in exchange for coming to terms with Jewish supremacy and inherent discrimination against them. After all, the state is defined as Jewish first and only democratic second, meaning that in any conflict between the "Jewish" and "democratic" aspects of the state, the Jewish component will always come first."
"In fact, we do a great injustice to apartheid when we compare it with Israel. Apartheid is segregationalist while Israel is eradicationist. Apartheid, at least in South Africa, wanted to keep the races apart, but Israel's ultimate goal is to ethnically cleanse and uproot the native Palestinians, either by way of physical extermination as in Dir Yasin or by way of expulsion and mass deportation. In fact, Israel is more comparable to Nazi Germany than to the defunct South African apartheid regime."

This is why Archbishop Desmond Tutu said Israel is worse.

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