"Drastic shift in western public opinion effected by the brutal 'war' on Gaza": Finally, Germany is redefining its relations with Israel/Zionism

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"... the Holocaust can no longer be a justification for Germany's traditionally unquestioning support for Israel and a veil shrouding outright German complicity with Israel's flouting of international laws and human rights conventions."

It is time for the German people to stand up. They absolutely do not have to and should not allow the excesses of the Nazi era to keep them from taking a lead on the true moral issues of the day.

What the Zionist Project has done to the Palestinians and particularly most recently the Gazans is despicable. It doesn't matter that Hamas doesn't walk on water. Hamas has been historically hardened against the Zionists for good reason.

The Zionists have done nothing less than declare themselves (the UN never declared them) the lords over the whole of the area and regardless of the various historical names by which the various parts of the region have been called in many tongues.

I have stated this fact over and over that the UN never created Israel. There is no UN resolution creating Israel. There is no Security Council ratifying any creation of Israel. There are only resolutions reacting to the Zionist Project as if the powers that be could not have rolled back that project for just cause.

Much of the blame is at the feet of successive United States administration that were lead to believe that the Zionist Project could be used as a fulcrum to lever the different tribes and sects against the arch enemies of United States, greedy, predatory, global capitalism.

The fact that many such enemies themselves have been rife with human rights errors has been used as a smoke screen to facilitate the wrongs of the Empire (traditionally Anglo-American and recently Anglo-American-Israeli). This has to stop, and Germany can play a huge role in that.

In addition, Germany can work to roll back the recent anti-Zionism speech laws in Europe so that people can be free again openly to discuss the merits and demerits of all things concerning issues surrounding the Jewish people.

Anti-Zionism is absolutely not inherently anti-Jew. To be anti-Zionist is not automatically to be either a racist or an ethnic bigot or to be advocating any coercion against Jews, per se, or even any violence against anyone and regardless of ethnicity or religion or cultural proclivity.

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