How time flies: "Why War in Gaza," Charles E. Carlson. Mar 28, 2002


Tom Usher wrote or added | "They tell that in the up-coming Passover no bread will be available in Israel even though most store owners are secular and do not really believe in the so called Jewish history. Merchants are required to hide the leavened bread during Passover, selling only the Kosher unleavened, regardless of their own beliefs. To insure its official religion is observed, the State of Israel maintains Passover police who patrol stores looking for malefactors selling yeasted bread, who they believe are prosecuted and fined when caught.

Most store owners apparently do not really believe in God, but my hosts said they tolerate this practice even if it is slightly silly to enforce the belief in tradition."

Israelis can't marry non-Jews either or else. A Christian caught proselytizing, a religious requirement for Christians (just telling the Gospel "Good News" story) can face prison time too. There are apparently tons of very bad laws in Zionism land. Jews can't boycott any other Jews. Arabs can't get building permits. The occupied territories are rife with wholesale inhuman and inhumane Zionists checkpoints and Walls, etc. The bad news that constitutes the entire Zionists Project is never ending. Yet, the American government calls them allies of the American people. Whom do they think they are kidding? Most Zionists spit on the American's Bill of Rights.

Betty Molchany

Charles Carlson is excellent and has been a true friend of the Palestinians for many years. Thanks for posting, Tom.

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