Irish braving against Shell Oil's disgusting corporate thuggery: Overview of the Corrib Gas Project | Shell to Sea

Tom Usher

It's an amazing story that hasn't gotten enough American-citizen attention. The way Shell treats the people and their genuine and intelligent concerns is disgusting.

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Paul Kinsella

You should show people all over the World the inages and pictures of the Baton Wielding Thugs In Blue Uniforms doing Shell's dirty work for them!!

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Tom Usher

The story and videos will end up on my blog for one. The people who like to go-viral with videos though are often anti-environmentalist "libertarian capitalist." Go figure.... If their fellows are being beaten, they'll go out of their way to make sure the world sees it; but with few exceptions, they turn a blind eye to the environmental destruction done by capitalist (by virtue of the ownership of the means of production not being in the hands of the people or public) corporatists and their likewise capitalist cronies in government.

One fellow recently reminded me that there are Green Party libertarians. If one defines "libertarian" correctly, that's of course correct. The real issues come down to matters of the heart and coercion.

As for the esprit de corps Chris McCabe mentioned on another post, I think that's right and that it's "spirit of the hand lickers." The thugs are pit bulls bred and trained in evil for the sakes of the superrich plutocrats who eat the stupid hand lickers' children.

High morale for immorality is as dumb as dirt, not even. Fertile soil for the seeds of love, peace, and truth is one, smart dirt.

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