Johann Hari: "It's fine to abuse young girls, as long as you're" [Roman Polanski]


Tom Usher wrote or added | I wasn't aware of some of the graphic details of this. If a relative of that 13-year-old girl were to kill Roman Polanski for it; Roman Polanski would still have committed the greater crime, and I wouldn't lose any sleep over Polanski's loss of his fleshly life but rather the soul of the relative, whose action would be vastly more comprehensible and forgivable than Polanski's.

Roman Polanski is an unrepentant ass. So is anyone who excuses him or seeks to even lessen the evil of his crime in the public mind. Polanski is a demon who says that just because people have been tempted, he's not guilty of an utterly depraved act against a helpless child.

By the way, if you don't think that being a Jew has shielded him, you're sleeping. I can say that knowing full well that there are many Jews who think he's evil.

Oh, and lastly, I don't like his movies. The Piano, for instance, stinks!

Tom Usher

Wrong movie

I still don't like Roman Polanski though. I'd be willing to accept him if he'd completely repent and work to atone. So long as he remains callous about what he did, I reject him — just as I would expect God to reject me were I not sorry for my sins. That's how it is.

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