No specific commitment to clean, alternatives: "President Obama's Oval Office Speech On Gulf Oil Catastrophe, pt.2"

No specific commitment to clean, alternatives: "Pres Obama Oval Office Speech On Gulf Oil Catastroph

Tom Usher wrote or added | At 3:50 of his address, Obama mentioned raising efficiency standards in buildings, increasing the standards demanding that more energy is from wind and solar, and increasing the research and development of clean, alternative energy by existing energy companies. He then said that those approaches "have merit."

What he didn't do was say that they are the goals of his administration. What good is the bully pulpit if he doesn't know how to use it to full advantage?

Well, he's cautious because his backers have included those who are against higher standards for anything. Higher standards are regulations, and he has anti-regulation backers — at least anti-regulations when it suits them concerning their pet industries and corporations versus the rest.

Chris 'Pie Rate' McCabe

"Ž'Mind you, I've said nothing......'

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Tom Usher

During the Watergate hearings, Howard Baker asked about Nixon, "What did the President know, and when did he know it?" During Reagan and Iran-Contra, Jeff Greenberg's wife asked, "What did the President know, and when did he forget?" So now we have Barack Obama, and one asks, "When did he say it, and when did we forget that he didn't?"

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Shirani Ibrahim

You see Tom being at the top...President Principal Chairperson Head of a Dept is as good as sittin on a volcanoe......,One never will nor attempt to understand that they are also human with feelings and errors in life...
One cant do things overnyt nor can they perform miracles...he myt haave to use Alladins magical lamp.
Have u heard of that song every breath every step every word and every moveyou take I'll be watching you cos you belong to me...
a small slip the name fame ... gone with the wind...
What about some of the good that has come out of it?
I was only 13 years old when JFK made a statement that won my heart.
'.ask not what the nation can do for you but what you can do for the nation'
I always tell my staff this as its so very true and perfect.

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Tom Usher


Living in Saudi Arabia, you sound here like a shill for the oil industry. Does your husband or do you work for the oil industry in any capacity or take income and private benefits from that polluting source? If so, explain about it and exactly where you stand on oil and climate change and global warming, etc.? If not, then you have done nothing more here than excuse Barack Obama for not standing up as a leader leading the way on clean, sustainable, readily available alternatives to oil, gas, and coal, which are killing the planet for the sakes of the ultra-greedy with their small, cold, hard, lying hearts — hyper-shame on excusing any of that!

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Shirani Ibrahim

Shill for the oil industry....mmm that statement maybe we are. Back home we are known as 'petrol dollars'
Well Tom I am speaking for myself and if no objection may i speak on behalf of most of 'our' hard working 'Heads' 'Leaders' of countries org schools Business est etc
Agreed no excuse for the errors we make but as 'Leaderss 'Heads' we do try and work things out to make a great success of whatever we do...It is an arduous task....very emotional too..disaster when we do not make a success.
We need the support of each and everyone to deliver our plans and the vows we made and make to live on even after we die.... the world ends.
Weaving magical words and capturing hearts is easy but to implemnt those words ..acting them out with honor andto mainatn our name and fame is one big emotional battle field.
Even during vacation the mind does not rest at ease cos of the concern for the good end results.
Green Kingdom..I believe we should start with the Kindergarteners and i am working on it from inception...
I wonder how many schools (KG's) are working on it..Civic awarenss is of untmost importance..prevention of pollution etc
I Have set aside a month with my enitre KG's to instill the awareness of our environementthe 'Green" with hands on activites.
Horizon International School FB will furnish you with all the informatin about our Green Kngdom
We are going into the 3rd year ...i am not very happyto date with this project as its not the way i had planned buti do hope something good comes out of it through the KG's and the teachers that worked with me.
.....Sometimes its a burden to heavy to carry but we do take the responsibility to do our best...and if we do not live up to the expectation of our Parents..Workers, Ctiszens etc we need to be understood...we do nto expect appreciations neither do we need brick bats...'Unseratnding and Cooperation' is what we need
Every individual is different and unique we have to approach each one with diplomacy using psychology as our guardian angel.
Opinions and what goes in anothers mind is very useful important and most welcome
Please forgive me cos i do try and avoid treading on delicate feelings /areas.
TC Tom

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Tom Usher

So, Shirani, you understand that Barack Obama could have said in his address that he would give his all to implementing the things he mentioned as being meritorious, just as John F. Kennedy announced that the United States would land a man on the Moon before the end of the decade of the 1960's, which did happen? You understand that the same person who said, "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country," is the same man who declared that it was his goal for America that America put a man on the Moon. Well, where's the same level of commitment from Barack Obama to end America's suicidal dependency on filthy oil and coal and dangerous nuclear and natural gas (the fracturing for which is poisoning ground water around the world)? You haven't heard it with anywhere near the same level of conviction.

Do you have a problem with my telling him? Every American has that right, and in my book, that duty. By saying it the way that I am, I'm prophesying. That's how it is. What he does is his choice to make, right or wrong and in relative degrees thereof. If he wants to discuss any of it, he knows how to reach me.

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Shirani Ibrahim

Tom i am expressing my opinion as much as you are...I may be wrong thats why anothers opinion isvery important before we procced with whaterver plans to make the world a better place.
We need to share eache others views and blend it or maybe coreect it to live in thius world....
Tom I consider JFK as one of the best Presidents he will alwasy have a very special place in my heart..I was just 13years when i went with my dad to hear his televised speech and his words captured my heart...
JFK cannot be compared he is America's Royal ..a Gallant knight the American Dream
i do admire Clinton very much and Obama too....despite their errors in life. As citizens of the world its our duty our rtys to present demonstrate exercise our words deeds the way we think best. Its our freedom.
But above all I do wish we find some room in our hears for a little understanding and discuss problems to work things out amicably ....which sadly i feel is drifting away and myt become non existant soon in many minds.
Oh yesTom it will be wonderful if you can reach him and discuss these matters. that will be a wonderful contribution as a citizen of the world.
In fact Dr Rick is making plans to do some wonderful work hopefully soon before America Falls.
Remember Tom being a LEADER is not easy we become Warriors in some way or the other as we are deluged in an emotional battlefield.
You have to arm your self with diplomacy psychology and a methodolgy to implement your program and not lose the hearts of many you reached with the magical words.
'Battle of witt far more superior than the battle of sword'
i wish you luck

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Shirani Ibrahim

Tom please remember JFK ..a President like no other.

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I've had other dealings with Shirani Ibrahim and her husband. Not a pleasant experience, I assure you. She's the good cop to his bad. It's tag-team wrestling in the worst sense.

"Commentator 1" here, "Some of why Real Christians are persecuted and censored on account of fakes," is that bad cop.

He chimed in extremely negatively after that on other posts (other's and mine). I was moved to not hear from him directly on Facebook anymore. He became that obnoxious.

Would that he would see the error of his ways before his ghost gives up the flesh. It's not in my hands or my fault if he doesn't.

He can't hear Jesus. He obviously hates him, even though he claims otherwise. He doesn't know Jesus and possibly has never read the Gospels but rather seemingly takes his lack of understanding from Mohammed, who also didn't know Jesus. They went to separate places too, thank God.

Now, as for whether or not Mohammed can pay the last farthing, per Jesus, that too is not in my hands or my fault if he hasn't/doesn't.

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