The Racist, Religious Persecuting, Dark Side of Israel


Tom Usher wrote or added | Be forewarned. There is obscene language in this video: a conglomeration of several videos showing the rabid racism of many Zionists. It includes information on Israel's religious persecution also of Christians. Most professing Christianity in the US aren't told of the persecution against Christians by the Jewish-supremacist state of Israel. Intermarriage is illegal.

Andy Buckley

very interesting, I was not aware of things like this.

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Andy Buckley

Just finished watching this all the way to the end. wow.

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Tom Usher

Hi Andy,

At first, people actually have to go way off the beaten path to find this sort of information. Once you subscribe over a period of years though, you end up flooded with info that no one who sticks with the mainstream news knows about. It's censored there. If it is mentioned, it's twisted to lessen the negative and accurate impression.

My thinking concerning this sort of thing about the Zionists is two-fold. First, expose what's being censored. Second, when people try to lump all Jews together, stand between those people and the Jews who have spoken out against racism and ethnic bigotry on the part of their fellow Jews.

There are many Jews who are appalled by the racism and supremacism exhibited by some (unfortunately many) Jews in that video. Many Jews are stepping up to challenge the racists. They need to do that, and non-Jews of good conscience need to support them in that through thick and thin.

Of course, I hate the religious persecution of Christians, being one; but the highest priority is to stop and reverse Zionism's land theft across-the-board, which they have done by means of terrorism, ethnic cleansing, lies, bribes, assassinations, war crimes, and verging on genocide (which they would do if they could get away with it).

Share the video. Many of your friends probably haven't seen this sort of thing either. Do warm them of the foul language if they have such sensibilities.

July 11 at 9:59pm •

Tom Usher

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