Andy Grove: "How America Can Create Jobs" [There's a better way than Andy's though] | BusinessWeek

Tom Usher wrote or added | "...we need a job-centric economic theory—and job-centric political leadership...."

Andy says we need protectionism. I say we need higher standards. Require China and every other nation to meet the highest environmental, worker health and safety, unionization, and other rights enjoyed at the highest levels in the US.

The mistake the US made was listening to deregulating neoliberals who have wiped out the US labor base in high-skills, high-wage jobs.

We can recreate those jobs via public employment and training in new, clean, sustainable organizations.

It would be as easy as simply making the decision. The one and only thing that stands in the way of this, which would benefit the Chinese people too, is the greed of the global plutocrats.

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