Does The President Have Authority To Assassinate Americans? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Does The President Have Authority To Assassinate Americans? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Tom Usher wrote or added | The "left" hates this guy, Andrew Napolitano (libertarian capitalist; including a civil libertarian — he's not a fascist); but he's not always wrong. Barack Obama does not have legal authority (mundane or otherwise except Satanic) to authorize the assassination of a US citizen. So admit Napolitano is correct here, lefties.

Thomas Smitherman he´s about the only good guy FOX routinely pays
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Scott Horton And if you like that, you'll love this:
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Tom Usher

Hi Thomas and Scott,

I agree with both of you on this.

Hey Thomas, Scott is on He does an Internet radio program from the platform. He's had on some noted guests and stirred the pot in the interest of cutting through the phony fog of war.

Scott, Thomas is a Christian socialist. Thomas is highly educated both formally and "self," as are you. I'm introducing the two of you this way because you each are that rare breed who will dispense with party line to see what the other half is feeling, thinking, saying, and doing. The world needs that.

Consequently, I'm going to suggest you become FB "friends" now that I've actually learned how FB steps people through that process.

Furthermore Scott, the linked interview was so valuable that I'm going to post it directly to my Wall, with attribution to you — credit where credit is due.

I have made some, somewhat extensive, notes about it that I will be sharing on that Wall posting. Please feel free, either of you or both, to chime in there as well.



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Tom Usher

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