On the edge with Max Keiser "Max Keiser talking to Damon Vrabel" 07-09-2010 | Press TV

Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Max Keiser talking to Damon Vrabel-07-09-2010(Part1)
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Tom Usher wrote or added | Damon Vrabel of CSPER.org nails it here. The privatized currency that is Federal Reserve Notes is backed by the wage slavery of the common people. This is exactly why I've proposed the Christian Commons http://www.causes.com/causes/99753/about to break out of the mammon-monopoly stranglehold of the kleptocracy/plutocracy over everyone else.

Max Keiser also nails it when he calls it neo-feudal fascism.

We do need to go back to a non-debt currency. There's no doubt about that. I've been calling for it, but the left doesn't get it. Why is that?

There's something about government and bankers that has them by the short hairs and worse. What is that thing? Only the so-called "extreme" left that means the full-blown socialists are willing to discuss it. The small-fry libertarian capitalists are willing too. What's the matter with the middle?

Come on. You know what it is. Somebody say it. Why be afraid of calling a spade a spade? The banksters are anti-what? Anybody calling them anti-that is called anti-something without hesitation. What's the problem?

Anti-Christ, anti-Semite.... Are you laughing since Jesus was, and is, a Semite and a real Jew. What's really funny is that not all banksters are Jews, but so many Jews become defensive even before anyone has said anything about "Jews." They are the ones who make the shoe fit. To me, there are plenty of banksters who are Gentiles.

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