WRONG!: "It's official: Israel has gotten away with it - again" | War Room

WRONG!: War Room: It's official: Israel has gotten away with it — again
Source: www.salon.com

Tom Usher wrote or added | What is this? How does Alex Kane, "a 21-year-old college student," manage to get his articles on Salon.com, the Indypendent, Mondoweiss, Common Dreams, Electronic Intifada, Extra!, and Palestine Chronicle? I'm not saying that being 21 disqualifies anyone. I'm asking about favoritism and networking. Who knows whom here on the inside that this young, inexperienced person has so much more voice in the world than do others?

Showing here is that the linked article itself is a case in point concerning the inexperienced view. Israel has not gotten away with anything. "It ain't over till it's over." I know the point of the article is to 1) denounce the attempt in some American circles to whitewash and 2) to drive home the point that the people should not let down on BDS, but the language of the article is actually defeatist.

Israel lost, Alex. Nothing has been forgotten. There has been no finalized whitewashing. I'm more than suggesting here that at 21, Alex is too shortsighted for lack of having lived as an adult for more than what, a year, if that, to be such an outsized voice.

Let's not declare Israel the winner over the Mavi Marmara attack until the process has worked its course. Yes, I would have loved to see the White House and both houses of Congress stand up for righteousness for once, but that shouldn't be used for language that diminishes the global momentum that is building, building, building against the racist, Apartheid, Zionist regime in Canaan.

To Alex's favorers and to Alex, you don't actually believe that Operation Cast Lead was a win for Israel do you? You don't believe that Israel beat Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006 do you? The US government stood by Israel in both of those and has attempted to whitewash both, but history isn't over.

If you want to rally the anti-war, anti-occupation forces, tell them how much global progress has been made in bringing all the atrocities to light. Tell them how much difference the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and Viva Palestina Convoys have made.

Come on. Stop with all the quarterly report pessimism already. It hasn't even been a quarter.

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