CIA Director Says Afghanistan "Harder Than Anyone Anticipated." Really?!


Tom Usher wrote or added | Let's not forget Bush and Condi and the others saying that no one imagined planes flying into buildings.

They said that about the day (9/11) when one of the multiple war games going on that day included a plane flying into a building. Let's also not forget the photos of the Pentagon planning ahead for a plane hitting the building.

However, we must not shake off the spell we're under. Remember the post-hypnotic suggestions you've been given. There is no Kansas. If anyone tells you there is a Kansas, you must scoff, you must belittle, you must ostracize, you must marginalize, you must never agree with anything that person says about anything .... Afterall, wink, wink, you know how America gets it's stuff – never mind about the fact that America doesn't make anything anymore relative to how it once was. Never mind that all the jobs that are left are mostly in the phony finance-capitalist realm or in menial service-sector work.

Sure, such service work needs doing, but we could have been making everything for a clean and sustainable future if it hadn't been for the greedy, globalist banksters. Oh, mustn't say that though because the only people who talk about the banksters are anti-Semites, even the Jews who talk about the banksters are really Nazis (if you're still under the spell).

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