Damn Cluster Bombs and the Entities that Make or Use Them

Tom Usher wrote or added | Okay, God bless the cluster-bomb makers and users with the truth so they stop. If they hear this though and do not turn, repent, and strive to atone, how can they escape damnation and there be any such thing as justice? If there is not justice, kill them now simply to be rid of them here and now. I believe in justice though. I believe it is objective and absolute. I believe it is God, proper, who separates out the evil to save the good from that evil, which evil falls in amongst itself and deserves itself apart. It earns Hell and has Hell to pay.

"America doesn't torture people." That was a different President. Does this one, Barack Obama, say, "America doesn't kill or maim innocent women and children"?

Has the torture even stopped?

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