Hey Leftists and Neocons, Chemtrails are an Inside-Job. Wake the Hell up!

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Tom Usher wrote or added | Chemtrails and 9/11:

Okay, they've been spraying since the 1990's. Only idiots, and those too young to remember before the spraying, haven't known all along that these are artificial chemtrails and not normal condensation trails, as falsely claimed (liars!) for over a decade and a half by the government.

So, there have been tens of thousands of people involved in all of this. The Congress has been briefed and briefed on it. The mainstream media has asked about it behind the scenes of course, but the general public in this environmentally conscious nation (US) and world has been told zero, except by "alternative" (so-called nutty conspiracy theorists).

How does the left, which is supposedly the vanguard on environmentalism, explain this? They don't. They remain silent even though they don't know what's going on. They scream about the BP leak in the Gulf of Mexico but say nothing about the crap (aluminum, etc.) being sprayed throughout the skies over America and now spreading to all over the NATO controlled world.

The chemtrails contain what exactly? It's been analyzed and determined to contain all sorts of garbage that should never be released the way it has been and still is. It's being released by the same idiotic Pentagon and CIA, etc., that does the toxic burn-pits in Iraq and elsewhere in the world. This is the same Pentagon that brought Agent Orange to war. This is the same Pentagon where young people are expendable because there are always more and younger ones where they came from. Either you are promoted or a lifer or you're usually used up and booted out. Who cares? Certainly the Pentagon doesn't. They spread depleted uranium all over the place and claim it's not harmful while people are made sick wherever they've done it.

The real point here though is the clear debunking of all the naysayers concerning conspiracies. The most common claim by anti-conspiracy thinkers is that if the conspiracy(s) were true, it would have been leaked by whistleblowers and that there is no way the military and intelligence community could keep such things secret since so many people have to have known, etc. Well, tell it to the tens of thousands who worked on the first Atomic bomb. Explain the chemtrail secret that we all know has been a massive ignoring of the voters.

The voters have had no say except that they've been stupid enough to vote into office those who go along with all the evil polluting, wars, etc.

9/11 could not possibly have had any inside, deliberate facilitation because it would have leaked out. If you think that, you're a moron. If you know it could have been deliberately facilitated by the government and you still claim otherwise, you're a traitor to everything that matters. You stink, will go down, and I won't lose a bit of sleep over your lost soul. You sold your soul to the devil with your stupid, selfish, evil eyes wide open.

Now, if you want to repent and atone, that's a different matter entirely. Then I care about what happens to you.

For those wishy-washy so-call Christians who think I have to plead for those who wittingly embrace evil and refuse to repent, you don't know what you're talking about. You don't know Jesus at all.

Tom Usher

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Tom Usher

When I used the term "idiots" above, I did not mean "profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years...." I was using the term colloquially. Facebook doesn't allow for editing link-post lead-ins once posted, so I'm clarifying here.

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