Julian Assange of WikiLeaks on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman

Well, Julian Assange is a very mature thinker and a very humble person. I don't know how old he is, but he comes across as from an almost lost era. The fact that he's not being grilled by the usual talking-head, spin yellers in US mainstream media is a good thing. He's able to respond in measured tones, able to speak thoughtfully and fully, which is to say, not in sound bites.

I took note of his expressing that the organization is not a pacifist organization. That was in response to Amy Goodman asking him to address the negative criticism of WikiLeaks that it is biased by virtue of being anti-war, per se. On that, I must say that it's irrelevant anyway. I am a pacifist; at least I say that I know it's the right way to be (non-violent) and that I certainly want to be as Jesus was, able to not fall to violence regardless of the attempted provocations of the evil ones.

A news outlet or journalistic endeavor does not need to be non-pacifist to report on the gross negatives associated with the war makers' mentality. The reasons to convert to pacifism are those negatives, afterall, but also the positives of peace.

So, here's Julian Assange being allowed to speak in a non-hostile climate where he most effectively dismantles the false propaganda of the White House and Pentagon concerning not only the Afghanistan War but on a host of other issues.

One thing more that has become abundantly clear now to me at least is that Julian is definitely a "professional" journalist if he perhaps wasn't just several years back. He should be afforded all the rights and privileges of the US Bill of Rights concerning a free press. That said, I do hold with the citizen journalist and the right of a free press for the same as well. I'm simply saying that the idea that Julian and his group is made up of wild-eyed and reckless hacks is false on its face and should not be accepted in defense of the Military-Industrial Complex, not that anything should in my view.

If you want to read it, here's the URL: http://www.democracynow.org/2010/7/28/wikileaks_founder_julian_assange_transparent_government

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