Twitter Digest: July 28, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: July 15, 2010 - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  2. Tom Have you noticed that you can't link to individual comments anymore? #

  3. BP oil-leak update (stopped? for now anyway). #

  4. "If you haven't been sequestered from all popular may have noticed..there's a...vampire thing going on." Happily sequestered #

  5. If Hugo Chavez venerates Simon Bolivar, what's the difference with how Americans treat Washington? Washington is deified — a demigod. #

  6. "Canada to buy 65 F-35 jet fighters in C$9 bln deal" It's a waste. Canada's leadership is being stupid. Canadians who vote them in are too. #

  7. We need demilitarization, not more weapons contracts. #

  8. If you think you learn the truth from mainstream news about Shahram Amiri (Iranian nuclear scientist returned to Iran), you're brainwashed. #

  9. "Since April 2009, Lebanon has arrested more than 70 people on suspicion of spying for Israel, including security officials." #

  10. Barack Obama has been "getting a pass." It's time to revisit Bill Clinton and Mena, Arkansas. - Real Liberal Christian #

  11. How to stop America crashing: Not too good to be true, just good. - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  12. Yes, you can, and should, tell the Palestinians that they ought to all employ non-violence - Real Liberal Christian #

  13. Northern Ireland: Big mistake to start being a bad example again - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  14. That Mexico hasn't made the right mundane moves against drug-cartel gangs indicates that at least part of top government is in on it. #

  15. The problem with the Cuban economy is the boycott by anti-competitive capitalists who know they'd lose in direct competition with sharing. #

  16. Why isn't anyone asking why BP couldn't have done before what it just did? #

  17. US, UK, & Canadian arrogance against Iroquois Confederacy #

  18. "only non-Jewish, white heterosexuals should be American citizens" Wow, that's harsh. Will non-Whites, Jews, & homosexuals mirror it? #

  19. Solution: Border Patrol, States, Narco-Terrorism, Jews, Banksters, Hedonism, etc. - RLCC & Christian Commons Project #

  20. Would it be good if Hamas enforced no moral code? Is libertinism advocated by anti-Sharia? Where's the democratic line, & who's to draw it? #

  21. Mel Gibson has problems; but, he doesn't suffer from panic attacks, sociopathy, or narcissism. He's violent, period. #

  22. You know, messing with the pressure around and under the BP leak, sending it up and down, isn't going to strengthen the Earth's crust there. #

  23. Wikileaks - Iceland #

  24. Tom I see an ad: "Rep. Sessions claimed, 'We need to go back to the exact same agenda of Bush policies.' Add your... #

  25. Why did FriendFeed add my first name at the beginning and without any following punctuation mark or word, such... re: #

  26. Definitely a Must-Watch Series: Is this a scathing attack on neoliberal economics? - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  27. The Racist, Religious Persecuting, Dark Side of Israel - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  28. No specific commitment to clean, alternatives: "President Obama's Oval Office Speech On Gulf Oil Catastrophe, pt.2" #

  29. Examples Of Jewish [Political Zionist] Terrorism Targeting The British - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  30. Take Action against Monsanto and DuPont, et al., with the Grassroots Netroots Alliance - Christian Commons Project #

  31. The insanity [anti-Christianity] of "Chase Community Giving on Facebook." - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  32. Johann Hari: "It's fine to abuse young girls, as long as you're" [Roman Polanski] - Christian Commons Project #

  33. Israel training and funding Kurds to fight whom? Turkey? Iran? - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  34. Peter Schiff unravels on Alex Jones show, advocating preemptive strike on 'nuclear' Iran - Christian Commons #

  35. Utter sickness of the fascist, racist, Apartheid, Zionist heart: Israeli demons destroys trees in Ertas village #

  36. Not joyous: Joys of Muslim Women - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  37. The Middle East's demon-crazy in action: Israelis inciting anti-Israel boycotts could soon be forced to pay dearly... #

  38. CAN A RABBI LIE ABOUT APARTHEID? [He sure can and does but ought not] « Desertpeace - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  39. Zionist impunity is coming to an end: "Lawyers from 60 Countries to Sue Israel" - Christian Commons #

  40. How time flies: "Why War in Gaza," Charles E. Carlson. Mar 28, 2002 - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  41. Inexcusable Police/Corporatist Brutality: Garda Violence for Shell Oil in Mayo, Ireland - Christian Commons Project #

  42. Irish braving against Shell Oil's disgusting corporate thuggery: Overview of the Corrib Gas Project | Shell to Sea #

  43. War-Party Rand: Rand Paul on upcoming election: War in Afghanistan 'is really a complete non-issue' - Real Liberal #

  44. Cover-up Revisited: Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and the CIA-Crimes of Mena, Arkansas. Who's Obama? #

  45. "Drastic shift in western public opinion effected by brutal 'war' on Gaza": Germany redefining relations with Israel #

  46. Zionist False-Propaganda and MSM Silence Revisited: Under Scrutiny, IDF Retracts Claims About Flotilla's Al Qaeda Links #

  47. Both sides are historically wrong: Political Rifts Reappear in Northern Ireland Riots - - Christian Commons #

  48. Private guns and public parks don't mix: Several people shot at Lake Sammamish State Park, State of Washington, USA #

  49. Palin on the Ground Zero Mosque vs. the Founding Fathers | Juan Cole, Informed Comment - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  50. This Is the Real Netanyahu [shifty] with English Subtitles - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  51. Excellent Exposé on Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Birgitta Jonsdottir, & Iceland - RLCC & Christian Commons Project #

  52. (Part 5) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 5) #

  53. (Part 3) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 3) #

  54. (Part 4) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 4) #

  55. (Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1) #

  56. (Part 2) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 2) #

  57. Christian Doctrine of Discovery: Steve Newcomb, Part One #

  58. " a message appearing Monday on militant websites." Have you ever noticed how the mainstream media never provides a link? #

  59. Have you noticed the mainstream media no longer names the Zionists who tell it which supposed "al Qaeda" website is saying what? #

  60. They don't name the Zionist organizations anymore because we kept pointing out their Zionist connections. The MSM thinks you're stupid. #

  61. "Clinton unveils $500 million in aid projects for Pakistan" Aid to whom? Many young American school children are going hungry this summer. #

  62. "The biggest chunk of the U.S. aid cash" to Pakistan will go to contractors. The cash won't go to benefiting the poor. It never does. #

  63. One way or another, the rich will get richer and the poor will be left behind in Pakistan and Afghanistan if the plutocrats have their way. #

  64. It's the evil, stupid. #

  65. Reagan cut taxes on the rich (he also raised them). Obama just gives the taxes of the poor directly to the banksters. What's the difference? #

  66. "$550 million settlement announced Thursday with finance powerhouse Goldman Sachs, the" That's just chicken feed. #

  67. "stiffest new curbs on U.S. banks and financial institutions since the Great Depression" That's not saying much. #

  68. They should have at least past the stiffest curbs on U.S. banks and financial institutions since BEFORE the New Deal. #

  69. They should have nationalized the Federal Reserve and currency and paid off the National Debt while declaring the part to banksters void. #

  70. It's typical that Obama agreed to the tiny sum of $550 million from the Zionists at Goldman Sachs. #

  71. "patch with microneedles" to deliver vaccines — but what's going to dissolve inside the skin, dangerous, questionable artificial what? #

  72. Even The Troops Are Waking Up #

  73. Turkish group dismisses Israeli report on Gaza flotilla raid #

  74. Tom | It's terrible to be loved for the wrong reasons. #

  75. Tom | If I go away, I won't be annihilated. #

  76. China's crude oil pipeline leak is pouring into the sea. China says, your eyelids are getting heavy..., and there's no environmental damage. #

  77. What's with all the Lockerbie yak? I thought it was pretty much known that Megrahi had likely been shafted. #

  78. Bank of Canada raised interest rates & warned of a slower recovery. Hikes will be gradual, admitting the tie of higher rates to slowdowns. #

  79. Want a greater slowdown in an already slow economy? Raise interest rates or cut federal spending or both. #

  80. China says pollution is an unavoidable consequence of industrialization. An intelligent nation could industrialize without polluting. #

  81. Thousands of gray wolves would be returned to woods, mountains, plains, and deserts later to be hunted from helicopters for fun by sadists. #

  82. "Divorce is contagious," say scientists. Evil is contagious until one is immune. Eat that, "scientists." I don't need a study or experiment. #

  83. You know, I don't even know who Lindsay Lohan is. #

  84. Am I missing anything that signifies? #

  85. Video: CAIR Rep on CNN to Discuss Opposition to U.S. Mosques #

  86. Private contractors' deepening reach in US intelligence #

  87. Hellish Work: Tobacco Workers in Kazakhstan #

  88. HARDtalk Haneen Zoabi Part 1.wmv #

  89. HARDtalk Haneen Zoabi Part 3.wmv #

  90. HARDtalk Haneen Zoabi Part 2.wmv #

  91. Does The President Have Authority To Assassinate Americans? ABSOLUTELY NOT! #

  92. Burn Pits May Be 'Agent Orange' of Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan #

  93. The First Word of the Gospel - David Guzik #

  94. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Max Keiser talking to Damon Vrabel-07-09-2010(Part1) #

  95. On the Edge with Max Keiser & Damon Vrabel (2/3) #

  96. On the Edge with Max Keiser & Damon Vrabel (3/3) #

  97. Press TV-News Analysis-Fiscal Failure-07-17-2010(Part2) #

  98. Press TV-News Analysis-Fiscal Failure-07-17-2010(Part1) #

  99. Press TV-Comment with George Galloway-07-08-2010(Part1) #

  100. Press TV-The Real Deal-07-11-2010(Part2) #

  101. Press TV-News Analysis-Anti- Israeli Protest-07-14-2010 #

  102. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Max Keiser talking to Paul Craig Roberts-07-16-2010(Part2) #

  103. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Max Keiser talking to Paul Craig Roberts-07-16-2010(Part1) #

  104. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Max Keiser talking to Paul Craig Roberts-07-16-2010(Part3) #

  105. Press TV-The Real Deal-07-18-2010(Part1) #

  106. Rebuking Empire, Plutocrats, Banksters: Even The Troops Are Waking Up - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  107. Wake up, Gallup. Stop with the false propaganda psy-ops. Radical and extremist are not synonyms for ... - RLCC #

  108. WRONG!: "It's official: Israel has gotten away with it - again" | War Room - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  109. There's no such thing as "Judeo-Christian," but Dennis Avi Lipkin wants to start a Judeo-Christian political party in.. #

  110. Glenn Beck is right, wrong, right, wrong, right...: "Why Was Shirley Sherrod Ousted?" by Glenn Beck - Christian Commons #

  111. More police hit street to tame Seattle's rowdy night scene – Real Liberal Christian Church #

  112. Alex Deane Big Brother Watch BBC South East CCTV's - Christian Commons Project #

  113. Bad Privatization: Private contractors' deepening reach in US intelligence - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  114. Hellish Work: Tobacco Workers in Kazakhstan - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  115. Zionist Stephen Sacur is no match for Palestinian Haneen Zoabi on HARDtalk, Part 1 - Christian Commons Project #

  116. Zionist Stephen Sacur is no match for Palestinian Haneen Zoabi on HARDtalk, Part 2 - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  117. Zionist Stephen Sacur is no match for Palestinian Haneen Zoabi on HARDtalk, Part 3 - Christian Commons Project #

  118. Insane US Military, Toxic "Burn Pits" May Be an "Agent Orange" of Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - Real Liberal Christian #

  119. Does The President Have Authority To Assassinate Americans? ABSOLUTELY NOT! - Christian Commons Project #

  120. The First Word of the Gospel – David Guzik - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  121. Must watch: Ralph Nader interviews Andrew Napolitano on C-SPAN's "After Words" - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  122. On the edge with Max Keiser-Max "Keiser talking to Damon Vrabel" 07-09-2010 | Press TV - Christian Commons Project #

  123. Andy Grove: "How America Can Create Jobs" [There's a better way than Andy's though] | BusinessWeek - Christian Commons #

  124. News Analysis "Fiscal Failure" 07-17-2010 | Press TV - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  125. News Analysis "Anti-Israeli Protest" 07-14-2010 | Press TV - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  126. On the edge with Max Keiser "Max Keiser talking to Paul Craig Roberts" 07-16-2010 | Press TV - Real Liberal Christian #

  127. Very Demented Zionist, Nazi-like Supremacism: "Are Jewish People Better Than Others?" by Pastor Texe Marrs - RLCC #

  128. Chemtrails all around the world #


  130. CIA Director Says Afghanistan "Harder Than Anyone Anticipated." Really?! #

  131. Sex with Jewish girl costs Arab man 18 months in Israeli jail #

  132. Keiser Report â„–58: Markets! Finance! Scandal! #

  133. Keiser Report â„–59: Markets! Finance! Scandal! #

  134. SR-15 Iceland #

  135. Keiser Report â„–60: Markets! Finance! Scandal! #

  136. Hugo Chavez exhumed Simon Bolivar. When the US exhumed Abraham Lincoln, the coverage was more thoughtful and intelligent. #

  137. What's wrong here: "U.S. missiles hit a suspected militant hide-out, killing 16 insurgents"? Are they suspects or insurgents, Zionist media? #

  138. Why hasn't Iran recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia? #

  139. If your church is against homosexuality or adultery or priest being married or having any sex and you aren't, then get out. It's easy. #

  140. If you are a priest in a church that forbids you to engage in sex but are doing it anyway, stop or get out. #

  141. The US says it won't talk with North Korea until the North apologizes for sinking the Cheonan. The DPRK said it didn't do it but was framed. #

  142. Don't automatically believe North Korea sank the Cheonan. The DPRK had nothing to gain, but globalist neocons stand to weaken China. #

  143. "Sister monument to Stonehenge may have been found" That's really old "news" — years old. #

  144. While Nixon was "opening" China, globalists were blowing smoke that Chinese authoritarian capitalism would not result; but it's here. #

  145. Legal discovery will crack any BP-leak-research-confidentiality agreements entered into with BP. Provisions to mask harm are unenforceable. #

  146. "All this hypothetical that we're going to go out and arrest everybody that's Hispanic, look around. That's impossible." No one said that. #

  147. Who said "everybody that's Hispanic"? Any harassment or extra burden on account of ethnicity is unconstitutional. #

  148. If a Latino "solicits" work in public in AZ, that's supposedly grounds for suspicion. That's bad law & must be struck down by the court. #

  149. "Soliciting work" in public in AZ can be as little as standing around where people usually hire people. #

  150. If an undercover cop motions and someone responds, that's enough to let the cop frisk and demand papers, etc. — fascism ripe for abuse. #

  151. Strangely Doubted Chemtrails All Around the World - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  152. Thank you YouTube for implementing my suggestion for those of us who embed - Christian Commons Project #

  153. Hey Leftists and Neocons, Chemtrails are an Inside-Job. Wake the Hell up! - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  154. CIA Director Says Afghanistan "Harder Than Anyone Anticipated." Really?! - Christian Commons Project #

  155. Arab-Jewish couples are hounded by fascist, racist Zionists in Israel - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  156. Is the government creating "hobos" with benefit extensions? It's creating monsters via corporate campaign contributions #

  157. S.C. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer Compares Helping Poor to Feeding Stray Animals - Political Hotsheet - CBS - Christian Commons #

  158. Still Report-15, "Iceland": Bill Still in Iceland with Birgitta Jonsdottir - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  159. Pearl Harbor was partly an inside job: The McCollum Memo - Christian Commons Project #

  160. "Anarcho-surrealist" comic party wins big in Reykjavik election | Independent Political Report - Real Liberal Christian #

  161. Bond Sale? Don't Quote Us, Say Rating Agencies – – Real Liberal Christian Church #

  162. This isn't "Real-time results for #ifandrewbreitbarteditedit - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  163. #IfAndrewBrietbartEditedIt – Boing Boing – Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  164. Zionist Diversionary Tactics: The Lockerbie bombing: A black cloud on the horizon for Anglo-American relations? #

  165. Big Business Corporate Lackeys: "GOP Senators Move To Block FCC On Net Neutrality" to rape the "little people" again #

  166. Andrew Breitbart owes everyone an apology and especially Shirley Sherrod: "Weak Back Hand," by digby - RLCC #

  167. This is obscene: "PERRspectives: Record U.S. Income Gap Widening Again" #

  168. Watch out! This is very conspiratorial thinking at the Washington Post: "A hidden world, growing beyond control" #

  169. Where's the social justice? "Wail of the Children - July 24, 1903," by Mother Jones. The Socialist WebZine - RLCC #

  170. Palestinian Bishop Elected President of Lutheran World Federation, 1st Press Conference, Hardest questions 1st #

  171. "Obama's Done a Lot but Gets Little Credit for It; Why?" He's done more bad than good - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  172. Kucinich's Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act (H.R. 5577) & Top 10 Reasons to Label GMO "Foods" #

  173. Damn Cluster Bombs and the Entities that Make or Use Them - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  174. I'll turn 57 on August 16th. I want to Save the World: Conflate the real Heaven with the New Earth. #

  175. AP Headlines says: "US missiles kill 5 militants in NW Pakistan" Body says: "suspected militants" Now you see it, now you don't. Stupid! #

  176. Senate Republicans are against mandating renewable energy, financing clean energy, & subsidizing electric vehicles. They're for dirty evil. #

  177. You know, I was against all the changes in the pension system, such as 401K's and IRA's, etc. Since the changes, everything is worse. #

  178. All those pension changes came from the privatization-minded, the ones who want Wall Street fees on everything — ripoff artists. #

  179. The old private pensions were "conservative." They had safety in mind. The people who ran them generally had more integrity than today. #

  180. Not long ago, human-caused global warming deniers yelled cooling. I said wait for El Nino. It got hotter again. Now comes La Nina. #

  181. Why don't they understand that of course there's a cycle but the trend is still up even with chemtrails and a severe recession? #

  182. God bless the cluster-bomb makers and users with the truth so they stop. #

  183. If they hear this though and do not turn, repent, and strive to atone, how can they escape damnation and there be any such thing as justice? #

  184. If there is not justice, kill them now simply to be rid of them here and now. #

  185. I believe in justice though. I believe it is objective and absolute. I believe it is God, proper, who separates out the evil to save the ... #

  186. ... good from that evil, which evil falls in amongst itself and deserves itself apart. It earns Hell and has Hell to pay. #

  187. What's wrong with the people of Venezuela owning and controlling their own oil, etc.? Why do some Americans act like Venezuela has no right? #

  188. I greatly sympathize with many Mexicans who are in the US, but I have never bought the line that they do work that non-Mexicans wouldn't. #

  189. Many employers hire illegals because those employers can then cheat the minimum wage, etc. The undocumented don't complain to the law. #

  190. Anti-Mexican hysteria is not getting at the root cause. The worst problems in Mexico spilling into the US are from the US: neoliberalism ... #

  191. There has been huge corruption in Mexico, but American neocons and neolibs have deliberately facilitated it for all of my lifetime and more. #

  192. Contador broke etiquette taking advantage of breaks a rider can't control, especially when wearing yellow. Are honor & sportsmanship passé? #

  193. Israel & the US signed an Arrow II ballistic shield deal. The US supplies racist, fascist, anti-Christ, neocon, Zionist, lying land thieves. #

  194. Mexico is fast turning into a failed state thanks largely to pathetic US foreign policy & free-racket economics over decades. #

  195. "Wikileaks is not ... objective ... but ... opposes US policy in Afghanistan." If you're for a stupid war, or neutral, you're objective? #

  196. WikiLeaks has now leaked part of what shows that the US Af-Pak war, policies, and practices are bad. WikiLeaks has helped Americans to see. #

  197. Not only that but there is no guarantee that certain US elements aren't behind the ISI anyway — keep the weapons industry flowing for $'s. #

  198. The CIA could be embedded via Pakistani moles cozying up to the Taliban to get better "targeting" info, etc. The possibilities are endless. #

  199. The Pakistanis are Muslims. The US is not. The Afghanis are. What do you think? Are the Pakistanis really going to side with the US? #

  200. Yes, the Taliban is stricter than many Pakistanis want; but the US is looser than many want too. #

  201. There's also a Sunni / Shia divide in Afghanistan with the "Northern Alliance" having been Shia. The vast majority of Pashtuns are Sunni. #

  202. What the US has never been about since it started building Empire on the backs of slaves and dead American Indians is real peace. #

  203. Don't fall for the false propaganda that says the "Founding Fathers" weren't about Empire. They just wanted to pick the times and places. #

  204. Look, the US isn't out of recession. The losses are just still being hidden. It's all an accounting gimmick. Finance capitalism is a fake. #

  205. "7 x NC KIA" That's seven innocent Afghani children killed by stupid American soldiers pretending to be the "good guys." #

  206. Task Force 373 is the new Tiger Force unit (Army 101st Airborne, Vietnam) that also slaughtered innocents with imagined Satanic impunity. #

  207. The WikiLeaks War Logs don't endanger the US. The US invasion and occupation of other nations endangers the US. Greed endangers the US. #

  208. The US Mainstream Media is trying to ignore the WikiLeaks' "Afghan War Diary" so far. It won't be able to. The Neocons and Zionists lose. #

  209. News so far on the WikiLeaks "War Logs" is coming out of Europe & alternative US sites, with the exception of perhaps HuffPo (semi-MSM). #

  210. Oh, with a little Google digging, one finds the MSM hidden one layer down for some reason — ha, ha, ha. Propagandists are running Google... #

  211. The New York Times, The Guardian, and Der Spiegel were given the Diary weeks ago on condition they not leak it before Sunday, July 25, 2010. #

  212. This Diary, or these Logs, make George Galloway's statement that the US is going to lose in Afghanistan look more realistic to the commoner. #

  213. The "surge" didn't really work in Iraq, & it hasn't been working in Afghanistan. It's in the selfish interest of other Empires to see to it. #

  214. Wow, Julian Assange, was very clever to give the Diary/Logs to three papers, each in different countries, each with some lefty traditions. #

  215. Here's the New York Times on it: #

  216. Here's The Guardian on it: #

  217. Here's Der Spiegel on it: #

  218. "...conflicting impression of the deployment of drones, noting that America's miracle weapons are also entirely vulnerable." Of course. #

  219. "...publishers...unanimous...justified public interest...thorough understanding of a war that continues...after almost nine years." Right! #

  220. "38 Predator and Reaper drones have crashed...on combat missions in...Afghanistan and Iraq." Afghanis get them for reverse engineering, etc. #

  221. The Real Sherrod Injustice: Right-Wing vs. Black Farmers – New America Media - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  222. Please help: Tom's Birthday Wish for the Christian Commons Project – Real Liberal Christian Church #

  223. WikiLeaks' "Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation" | Guardian - RLCC #

  224. The War Logs – Interactive Feature – - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  225. The Afghanistan Protocol: Explosive Leaks Provide Image of War from Those Fighting It – SPIEGEL ONLINE - RLCC #

  226. In Disclosing Secret Documents, WikiLeaks Seeks 'Transparency' – - Christian Commons Project #

  227. Julian Assange is setting the agenda: Afghanistan war logs | - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  228. Carl Klang's "Paper Money" song is mammon workship. It's anti-Christ nonsense. - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  229. I just read this again. All "Christian-Zionists" should read it and re-read it until it sinks in. #

  230. They'll just keep coming until the lying land thieves have been overthrown. #

  231. RT @empireburlesque USA-WMD: America's Covert Hiroshima in Iraq - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  232. "To maintain...profits, lies are told...without pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), there will be no food." Monster liars! #

  233. "Glen Ford: Breaking the Obama Spell, at the United National Peace Conference 7/23/2010" #

  234. Gilad Atzmon on Tolerance, History and Revisionism — Part 4 #

  235. Gilad Atzmon on Tolerance, History and Revisionism — Part 2 #

  236. Jack Blood Interviews Bruce K. Gagnon February 4 2010 Part 1/5 #

  237. Jack Blood Interviews Bruce K. Gagnon February 4 2010 Part 3/5 #

  238. Gilad Atzmon on Tolerance, History and Revisionism — Part 5 #

  239. Jack Blood Interviews Bruce K. Gagnon February 4 2010 Part 2/5 #

  240. Dig In! Raj Patel On Food Sovereignty and Women Rights #

  241. Jack Blood Interviews Bruce K. Gagnon February 4 2010 Part 4/5 #

  242. Gilad Atzmon on Tolerance, History and Revisionism — Part 1 #

  243. Gilad Atzmon on Tolerance, History and Revisionism — Part 6 #

  244. Jack Blood Interviews Bruce K. Gagnon February 4 2010 Part 5/5 #

  245. Gilad Atzmon on Tolerance, History and Revisionism — Part 3 #

  246. Facebook Causes issues/suggestions/questions - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  247. Please help: Tom's Birthday Wish for the Christian Commons Project – Real Liberal Christian Church #

  248. Is Facebook a waste of time? If it is for you, try ... - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  249. British Prime Minister David Cameron sees the shifting poll numbers. The world can't stand the lying, fascist, Apartheid, Zionist regime. #

  250. Prime Minister David Cameron tightened up NATO, since Turkey is a NATO member and a candidate for EU membership with a strong economy. #

  251. Has Gilad Shalit read the Qur'an? Is he eating well, getting exercise and fresh air, seeing the Sunlight outdoors, or being Mossaded? #

  252. While I understand France and Germany's traditional desire to deepen integration, Cameron is actually being wise to want to widen the EU. #

  253. Deepening and widening are not mutually exclusive. #

  254. Opening and allowing all religions and ideologies to compete on examined, uncensored merits is the answer. It will lead to cooperation. #

  255. Revisiting history to discover errors is necessary. European laws against examining estimates (11 mil) of WWII Nazi-camp deaths are evil. #

  256. No history should be off limits for new research and new findings. Laws against updating "history" with new info are evil laws, period. #

  257. It makes no difference if history is of Jews, Blacks, American Indians, Armenians, Tibetans, or whomever. All must be subject to new light. #

  258. Financial regulation is the economy. The only thing wrong with Obama's financial reforms is that they were WEAK! #

  259. Also, unemployment is not at 9.5%. That's using Clinton's changed way of calculating to mask that it's really closer to 20%. #

  260. If you want jobs, tell your government to stop giving money to the superrich & start hiring people (you & yours) for public-works projects. #

  261. When your government hires people for public works, it's you hiring yourself. Just make sure it's your government and not the banksters! #

  262. When your government hires people for public works, it's you hiring your relatives and neighbors. #

  263. When your government hires people for public works, it's your relatives and neighbors hiring you. #

  264. Why does that sound evil when it's not? If it sounds evil to you, you've been brainwashed by evil, lying, usurers: moneychangers, banksters. #

  265. If you think Republicans are going to fix things, you're dreaming. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have a clue. #

  266. Republicans made a total mess of things. Now you want to put them back in? Why do you play Ping-Pong back and forth from dumb to dumber? #

  267. Stop following either Democrats or Republicans. Those two parties are ruining America. They collude to make 3rd parties all but impossible. #

  268. Deficit, deficit, deficit... A deficit during deflation is not a problem but where the money is spent is & so is interest-bearing money. #

  269. Nationalize the money, & be done with deficits in one fell swoop. Can you hear me? Are you listening? What part of this can't you absorb? #

  270. Repeat after me: Re-nationalize the currency. Re-nationalize the currency. Shout that. Put that on your signs and shirts, and keep it there. #

  271. Jesus said to render unto Caesar what is Caesars, but the money isn't Caesar's. The Founding Fathers took it away from him. It's yours. #

  272. Read it in your Constitution, your highest mundane law. It says the money is yours, not private bankers'. Your government was to owe no one! #

  273. Do you understand what I just said? Your government was to owe no one! That's the highest law; however, you kiss up to the Federal Reserve. #

  274. Where's your Republican Party on this issue? No where, that's where. Your stupid Republican leaders have you paying interest to banksters. #

  275. Go ahead. Be ignorant. Listen to dumb leaders tell you deficits are bad when we could be printing interest-free money to pay for government. #

  276. Where's the stupid mainstream media on this issue. No where, that's where. The talking heads are bought and paid for by the banksters. #

  277. You get all your thoughts from parrots of corporate talking-point memos. They don't tell you we could instantly eliminate the National Debt. #

  278. I just told you, but I'm not a talking head & banksters don't pay me or own me. I tell you the truth, but you pay attention to FOX or CNN. #

  279. Of course, I'm not talking to everyone here. There are people who do know & are speaking out. If you don't know, find out. Ask, seek, knock. #

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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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