A Must Read: This Nation-Building is Hell: USA-WMD: America's Covert Hiroshima in Iraq

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Tom Usher wrote or added | "Over the years, small-scale medical studies have pointed to the horrific effects of these USA-WMD attacks. Now, a new comprehensive medical study has shown that the "dramatic increases in infant mortality, cancer and leukemia" in Fallujah since 2004 have 'exceeded those reported by survivors of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945,' The Independent reports."

The only reason America is numb is because Americans don't stand up. Americans are to blame. It's your fault if you don't stand up and stay there.

If you don't like that, I don't love or even like you for it; and we shall see who will be vindicated. It won't be you if you don't change for real. That's for sure.

Tom Usher

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