Change the name of the US BOAT TO GAZA


Tom Usher wrote or added | I didn't join willingly. I didn't read the URL before clicking: welcome?flow=join

The bit on the end "joined" me to the Cause, even though I clicked simply to take a look.

Well, here's my feeling anyway:

Please encourage whomever to change the name of the boat from "THE AUDACITY OF HOPE." I simply do not want to see the boat associated with Barack Obama, whether as a gibe or anything else.

I suggested to the Jewish boat group to name theirs the "Mordechai Vanunu," but I never received a reply. If they won't do it, would the US Gaza Freedom flotilla group please change the name of its first boat from "THE AUDACITY OF HOPE" to the "Mordechai Vanunu"?

Now that's a connection I can support and which actually will raise his issue, which is directly associated with the whole Palestinian issue, in the mainstream media. It will help to educate people about the Zionist atomic bomb(s) and their abuse of Mordechai Vanunu, (with all due respect to Daniel Ellsberg, Julian Assange, Sibel Edmonds, Bradley Manning, and the like) the great but all but forgotten whistleblower of whistleblowers to date.

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