Insane (is there any other kind?) GOP wants Israel to attack Iran

Okay, so yesterday, I gave Wayne Madsen a hard time for suggesting that Julian Assange didn't protect Bradley Manning's identity when it was Manning who reportedly had the big mouth. (Did he think he could never have been famous without bragging about the leak?) I also said though that I have liked some of Wayne Madsen's stuff. This is an example of when he's more up to Earth (not down to, as Heaven is fine – bring it). Wayne is absolutely right that the self-styled ("kooky") Christian-Zionists (there is really no such thing) and the fascist, Zionist, dreaded, neocon AIPAC are causing nearly all the trouble, along with the Banksters/Plutocrats (heavily Zionist) who are putting them all up to it in one form or another.
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