Libertarian-Capitalist(?) Misinterpretations of Christ: "If God Is Pro-War, He Lied," by Paul Green


Tom Usher wrote or added | "... I believe in strong defense – even that according to Jesus, every Christian should be armed...."

This is a wrong reading. He doesn't understand that to which "sword" was referring. Neither is he remembering that not everyone had a metal sword yet Jesus declared "enough."

"Yet in Jericho, an individual – a prostitute – turned to God in faith. Her only recorded good "work" was to confirm her faith by helping the spies, in defiance of her governing king – but she was spared, along with her family."

This also is an error. Sparing her family and her was directly contrary to the orders that were given to Joshua. Moses predicted various failures, not that I agree with human-caused genocide. As you know, I don't.

What Paul Green does is stop short of employing all the words of Jesus. Jesus said to turn the other cheek. He said those who are attacked for being Christian (including children) are blessed if they do not return evil for evil. He's also likely a libertarian capitalist, which would mean he ignores Jesus's pronouncements regarding mammon and "richness" in such. I could go on and on here, but this is enough.

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