Refuting some of the same, old, worn-out, useless Zionist propaganda

This is a comment reply to a comment left on this site. It's such an extensive reply that I want it as a blog post to which I will link from the comment section of the other post.


You left messages on this site before, but when I engaged you, you didn't answer the questions. You ducked and dodged around. You also dropped me as a friend on Facebook, even though I was interacting with you in a straightforward manner.

Look, I don't have forever to deal with people like you who hear and see facts but ignore them all in favor of false propaganda.

The US gives more money per capita to the Zionists in Palestine ("Israel") than if gives to any other people in the world, by far. As for enemies, why does Israel have them? Look at all the lies, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, assassinations, torture, land theft, and war crimes, etc. It wasn't the Palestinians who went and stole the houses and lands of the Zionists but the other way around.

America is not obligated to give Israel as much money as it gives to all those Israel claims as enemies. Besides, look at the terrible financial shape of the US due to all of its recklessness. Much of that terrible condition is due directly to neocon-Zionist, Israeli-Firster advice.

The Zionist regime is not the only democracy in the Middle East. Hamas was duly elected. Lebanon votes. Plenty of nation-states in the Middle East vote. Some have better systems than do others, but the Israeli system is far from a paragon of democracy. The Arabs in Palestine who refused to leave when the Zionists declared unilaterally that the Zionist Project is an independent "Jewish" nation-state, suffer second-class citizenship at best in Israel. Everyone who looks into any of it ends up knowing this full well. You know it full well too, yet you defend exactly what America claims to be about (which is anti-nationalism) while America supplies Zionists with a qualitative and quantitative military advantage by Zionist-written-and-promoted law in the US.

Israel is busy stealing and occupying more land. It is taking people's homes away that those people have had for hundreds and (as far as anyone knows) even thousands of years. How is that equal rights?

As for the "Jew-controlled American foreign policy," well, obviously the Jewish lobby has been losing ground and rightly so. It is losing the battle of brains and truth. The truth is set against the Zionist Project. That's why the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and land convoys of Viva Palestina have done so well and will only grow, unless Israel is so insane as to possibly start WWIII by attacking Iran, against which there has been zero evidence of a nuclear-weapons program. I rather believe the "Supreme Leader" there when he says that such weapons are un-Islamic and that Iran considers them a sin to have and/or to use and that Iran does not want them and is not pursuing them. That's not to say that I think he's right about everything. I do not. He's certainly no worse though than the raft of Zionist rabbis who have called for extermination of Palestinian Arabs if "needs be." Don't deny that there are and have been such rabbis. I have it documented on this site.

There is though more, much more, than the Jewish Lobby, per se. The big banks have a huge number of Jews at or near the top. Wall Street is loaded with Jewish so-called (formerly) "investment bankers." The media is packed. When you have the Federal Reserve and the top media corporations beholden to the currency-privatization monopolists, you don't have to be more than 1% of the population to "control" a great deal. You can be sure that "your people" get the most airtime and print space and raises and promotions and hence votes and on and on. How many Jewish Senators are there? It was 11 the last time I saw anything on it. How many Jews are sitting on the Supreme Court? Don't tell me that Jews are intellectually and legalistically superior either.

There wasn't a single Jew amongst the Founding Fathers who have been generally credited by Americans for bringing forth the best system on the planet ever. I don't think so, but... I know that many of them were correct in worrying about the moneychangers. The quotations of those Founders concerning the dangers of privatizing the money supply are very telling. Have you read them? I have.

So, yes, many, many Jews have positioned themselves and each other not in terms of what is best for humanity in general but what it is they think is best for Zionists. That I don't like or admire. I don't credit it with the sign of intelligence. Cunningness and intelligence are not synonymous.

Why do you raise, "Those who engage in contemporary anti-Semitism have no details to offer"? What do they have to do with David Cameron's statement concerning Gaza? Are you saying that he's a racist or ethnic bigot? I think he's many things, but I don't believe those labels fit as they are used in the main. I could make an argument for it from a spiritual view, but that's not "where you're coming from." As for the idea that no one who is anti-Semitic ever gives a damning fact about Zionism, that's a ridiculous thing to claim. You also use the term anti-Semite as if Semitism is Jewishness. The Arabs and Palestinians are Semites, Charles. You know that. You should say anti-Zionism. That's what I am. I'm anti-Zionism in terms of the "Zionism" of Herzl. Now, if you want to talk about Zion and what Zionism really means, I'm right here.

As you know, I am opposed to racism and ethnic bigotry. I am definitely partial to my ideology and religion (one and the same, since my religion is a whole way of life no part of which may be left behind as I engage the worldly world). I do not like Talmudism. That's not to say that there aren't things stated in the Talmud with which I agree. As I said, even racists and ethnic bigots can tell truths, albeit if placed within the racist's or ethnic bigot's often sweeping context, those truths become half-truths and less. That's why when you say "rockets" you leave out the lull/ceasefire that Israel broke.

Some Jews are mendacious, Charles. Do you dispute that? Some Jews do control in excess. Some Jews do own too much (privately). Some Jews do plan world domination. Plenty of people (Jew and non-Jew) have planned world domination. As for telling how "1% of the world's population can gain control over everything," you weren't interested before in parsing the terms. There is control and then there is control.

Look, you live in the US. Doesn't it bother you that the US Constitution calls for the Congress to issue the money and set the value thereof but the Federal Reserve, which isn't federal and has no reserves (or need thereof), has monopoly control over rewarding member banks, the stock holders of which are not democratically derived. That Fed is not open as to its members. When it was formed, the families behind it, the main families, were European Jewish families and transplants thereof. Now, you don't have to be a racist or ethnic bigot or anti-Jew to not like the state of affairs and to be standing up on the right side of the issue.

I'm pro you, Charles. To be for you is to tell you the truth on these things. Lies are against your best and highest interest, Charles. Why don't you know that? If you do know it, and I know that you do, why do you still go along with the lies? Well, I have your highest and best interest in mind but you don't.

I'm primarily English and then Scottish by way of Northern Ireland. I can tell you that it wouldn't matter to me if certain English families had the Fed under their thumbs, I'd still be dead set against it. Race and ethnicity and even professed religion have nothing to do with it. You are more than your flesh and blood in the mundane if you will see that.

The Zionists declared that Palestine was no longer for the Palestinians but for certain Jews (who were roundly frowned upon around the world by many Jews for many decades leading up to 1948) to decide its fate, its laws, who owned what, who got the most water, and on and on.

In addition, you know that Israel started the 1967 War. You know that it deliberately facilitated atrocities in Sabra and Shatila. That's just the tip of the ice berg. Don't forget Deir Yassin, where Begin's boys and girls went around finishing off the women and children with knives. They bragged about it. You always duck and dodge these things, Charles. That's why your side is losing, not just because you duck and dodge and that's not working anymore but because even if you try not to, you always come up the distorters. Why do you do that to yourselves? Why do you do that to yourself? Don't you want to be honest?

You already asked before about what I would do if someone were bombing me via rockets. I don't do things to my neighbors to get them to hate my guts for being a liar, terrorist, ethnic cleanser, assassin, torturer, land thief, war criminal. Look, back in the 1880's-1930's, I could have moved to Palestine and been a decent neighbor. The Muslims there by-and-large would not have had a problem with that. If I were to have engaged in leadership, I would not have favored Muslims, Christians, Jews, or anyone else in anyway remotely the way Israel favors Jews. Sure, I have a soft spot for soft-hearted Christians. I wish there were nothing but in the world, but I don't see how anyone can justify in the name of democracy or truth the general direction of the Zionist Project. It's not considered fascistic for nothing. It's vastly worse to its Arabs than Iran is toward its Jews for instance.

Perhaps you should answer what you would do were you in Gaza as a refugee from your home in what is now called Israel, where your land has been stolen from your grandfathers going back to before there were records. Would you fight the Zionists? If you would not, how can it be right that the Jews fight the Palestinians? If you can attack and kill those who send unexploding tubes into the land you hold illegally, then surely it is right for those who have sent those tubes to rain hellfire down upon you for stealing their land.

You mentioned Islamic theocracies. What about it being against the law in Israel for a Jew to marry a Christian? Why is it against the law there for a Christian openly to proselytize? Why are the ultra-Orthodox allowed to attend religious schools and to be exempt from fighting when it isn't against the religion for priests to kill in wars? Why can't the secular have risen goods (yeast) for sale at Passover.

Okay, so someone wants to join my Church. They are volunteers. I didn't go out and take their land by force of arms simply because I felt entitled for whatever reason. Once someone is a member, that person needs to follow the rules or he or she knows where the exit is. That's not coercive. Your Zionists though declared themselves a sovereign nation-state even though the UN Security Council never finalized it. It wouldn't have and for both good and bad reasons.

Even the General Assembly if it had known then what it knows now would not have voted for "Israel." If UN General Assembly votes are so important to the formation of Israel and its legitimacy, then why don't all the votes against Israel matter, including those in the Security Council where often it has only been the US that has blocked needed reforms in the political situation in Palestine/Israel?

Why do you hate Arabs and Palestinians and Gazans so much, Charles? If you don't, then why don't you act it? Why aren't you telling your fellow Jews that a "Jewish" hyper-nationalistic, fascist-leaning state is not a good idea but that Jews and Muslims can sit down and work out an arrangement where no matter who is in the majority by reason of DNA, the other will be treated as equally deserving of certain fundamental considerations at all times?

We've already been down the lie about the daily rocket attacks. Look, watch the video here.

It's no fake, as I know you will know. He admitted it because he has to deal with the facts coming at him day after day after day. He couldn't have denied it because he would have been clobbered, so to speak, the next time or even right then and there.

Hamas did not cause Operation Cast Lead. Israel was planning it during the whole lull in rockets. Israel did all sorts of evil things leading up to it too. It paid Fatah in money and weapons and vehicles and promises to fight Hamas. Then Israeli propaganda kept spinning it that Hamas took over by violence. Hamas defended by violence what Hamas had won in what was termed free and fair elections by impartial observers. Before that Ariel Sharon "withdrew" from Gaza so he wouldn't be killing Jews when he would turn around and attack, which he was planning. No, I don't have a secret Israeli document on that. I tell you it was simply his evil pattern. I've read his history. I was appalled when Israel chose him, but Rabin had had his own problems too. Not one Israeli Prime Minister has had even remotely clean hands. I do think Rabin has been the best yet, but that's not saying much.

You termed Palestine, Israel, Canaan, whatever, the "ancestral homeland" of the Jews. There is no doubt that some of the ancestors of people who call themselves Jews today did make their homes in what is today Palestine/Israel. However, the history of the Jewish people is that it obtained the land by reason of complete genocide in some cases. That claim comes out from the Old Testament, also called Torah by many (though I consider the first five books to be Torah proper – not a major problem for me though because I like much of what is in the other books). It just so happens, as you know, that Theodor Herzl, the "Father" of Zionism, was an atheist. He also had his eye on Uganda and other parts as well, depending upon what might be arranged. The Holy Land was not holy to him or to very many of the other original Zionists. By the way, Herzl planned that the Ugandans would be "employed" to do the backbreaking work and then be ethnically cleansed from the region – very "White" of Herzl.

We can't go back to undo every occupation, but we can all repent and atone. I don't see you doing that, Charles.

As for gas chambers, well, I know I was told the stories when I was a boy about the gas being dropped in from hatches in the ceilings. However, the hatches turned out not to be there, neither was there any soap made from the fat of Jews. I think the lampshades of Jewish tattooed skin are in dispute or have been completely debunked as well. I know that there have been calls for the soil around the camps to be read via the latest technological censoring equipment that can determine if soil has ever been dug up by human means. Doing that has been rejected to date, but that's just counter-productive to the Zionist cause if and only if there are mass pits full of human ash and bone fragments of the cremains of millions. Also, I been informed that the signs in various camps have changed over the years and decades too. Now, those signs don't read anymore that such and such was emphatically a gas chamber but rather that it may have been. When pressed on this, the tour guides appeal to legend only. Signs have also dropped in the numbers of those claimed to have died in the given camp(s).

Speaking of cremains, I'm told that the crematoria used in the camps were designed not to release ash and smoke, yet the stories from the former prisoners is that it was raining ash almost 24/7. Who's right? Lastly, one fellow pointed out the world population of Jews before and after the war stood approximately unchanged (15 million?). Was that because the after-war stats hadn't been updated yet? Well, according to this one researcher, he could find no records showing a 6-million drop anywhere right up to the present. Why is that?

There is also the issue of typhus at the end of the war, as the Germans ran out of the wherewithal to handle the prison camps and slave workers. Typhus was rampant in the camps so we are told. Lastly, not every Jew was skin and bones at the end of the war, and many Jews fought as Nazis (it's claimed that tens of thousands were in German military services). Is that wrong? If so, how do you know it?

Furthermore, why do so many Jews act and speak as if there were not millions of others who died in the war? Even if the 6-million figure is right, the Jews who claim it regularly used to mention the 5-million non-Jews. What about the estimated 20-million Russians who died in the war? Is the 6-million only significant because the Jews were a smaller population? If so, how many Gypsies were murdered and what was their population? Frankly, the ethnic myopia is overwhelming. I don't envy those Jews who can extend so much "family" values to descendants of the 12 or maybe only 2 tribes (Judah and Benjamin) and so systematically exclude all others as if all others are animals fit as beasts of burden for those particular Jews.

Anyway, I'm certainly open to the pro-holocaust narrative bringing facts to the table so long as it doesn't duck the remaining questions. What I won't accept are sound bites where some simply echoes statement such as the holocaust is perhaps the most documented fact in history. Just saying that doesn't make it so.

If there are cremains of millions of humans in and/or around the camps, if there are answers as to how people could handle the toxic, chemical pesticide laced bodies in such numbers without falling dead themselves, I'm ready. If you want to throw literal Nazis in prison though for asserting questions when the answers have never been truly forthcoming, I'm not ready for that. That's too Nazi-like.

What's your take on this?

Can you refute each point with facts? I know the argument is that some things are taken out of context, but each time I've look into that claim, it seems the context still applied. Please don't simply say that this information is reproduced by whomever. Hitler had a Bible. That doesn't prove the Bible is worthless, now does it?

"A land without a people for a people without a land." Zionists are such utter liars.

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