This is one dumb article: "GREAT NEWS: Most Young Americans Expect Social Security To Collapse"

Tom Usher wrote or added | "The first step to ditching America's long-term-broken social security system is for the public to realize that social security simply can't survive in its current form."


There's nothing wrong with Social Security in that way. The only problem is that the trust fund into which all workers pay has been raided by the Banksters. Social Security could be just fine if the Plutocrats weren't stealing more and more and more of the peoples' tax dollars via a multiplicity of schemes and scams, not the least of which is the private bank called the Federal Reserve, which has obtained completely illegal power over the currency that Constitutionally was put in the hands of the legislature by the Founders for the very reason of avoiding exactly what has happened at the hands of those kleptomaniac banksters.

As far as the youth of the nation being resigned to not getting their Social Security, they are being pathetic defeatists rather than standing up as a whole and telling the banksters that they, the youth, are going to tear down their private banking cartel and replace it with a re-nationalized, interest-free currency and then do all the other right things following on that accomplishment rather then kicking back and resting on their laurels.

They sure aren't going to get anywhere right by tattooing Satan on their shoulders.

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