WikiLeaks, preempt the Pentagon/CIA: vows more leaks, BP leak, military abuses, Michael Isikoff

Tom Usher wrote or added | The Pentagon has the blood on its hands.

I'm sure that Julian Assange and his fellow WikiLeakers and backers are well aware that the Pentagon and CIA, etc., will be determined to feed WikiLeaks seemingly genuine materials that will turn out not to be so that the US Military-Industrial Complex may "embarrass" WikiLeaks. Also, they will attempt to embed sensitive info (it too may be fake) that they will hope WikiLeaks will not expunge and that the Pentagon, et al., will then claim led to the deaths, etc., of x number of soldiers or agents or whatever.

WikiLeaks needs to acknowledge these possibilities on it's site and very prominently. It needs a disclaimer of sorts regarding these attempts. It should not though be used as a point for relaxation of standards by WikiLeaks, which needs to do everything it can to avoid being the next Dan Rather (set up and had?)

Naturally, the false-propagandists will personally attack everyone associated with WikiLeaks regardless of the truth or falsity of the claims spread by the propagandists.

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