Self-styled Christian doesn't think Zionists have slaughtered Palestinians

Robert Nimmich August 5 at 6:42am

I agree that while in this Age, Zionism is to our eyes no better than Barabbas or Judas seeking to make a kingdom by forced obedience, but in the SECOND coming of Christ, the Lamb becomes the Lion of Judah and the bloodshed will be so great, the blood will rise to the bridal bits of the horses. Not all Jews are Christians, but all Christians are Jews for God does not lie for it is written "He is a Jew who is one inwardly." That circumcision of the heart not of the flesh. After all, what made Abraham a Jew? Faith in God. So it's a double sided coin today ... One man may contribute to Zionism thinking he will force something, another in his heart knows that God is sovereign in all things, and though many in Israel do not believe yet, it is quite written that many WILL as they are in great grief ( bitterness) for what was done to the Son of God who was pierced. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, those that love thee shall prosper. So what you say for this age is true, while also God is not bound to what you see, for the gifts and callings of God are without repentance. -Robert

Tom Usher August 5 at 6:06pm


You wrote, "...the Lamb becomes the Lion of Judah and the bloodshed will be so great...."

The tares are separated out. Today's unrepentant blind-and-deaf-to-God Zionists are tares. Real Zionists are real Christians are real Jews are real, period. All else is false.

The real lamb has always been the real lion. The issue is human kind taking lives — the wheat with the tares. I judge and condemn no man.

Do we agree, or are we of different spirits worshiping different Gods?

If one comes claiming to be the "Second Coming" and that one takes one innocent one, one repentant one, one reachable one, that "Second Coming" will be known as a fake. Which unrepentant blind-and-deaf-to-God Zionist is unreachable?

This is my stand no matter what.

Peace is the way,


Robert Nimmich August 5 at 9:40pm

I received Jesus as Lord and savior believing in his blood shed for the remission of my sins and was converted, born again, in 1965. I remember the day and moment quite well. I was given spiritual gifts in The Holy Spirit according to his will, one of which is the discernment of spirits. I came to a saving knowledge of Christ by first approaching God in prayer, knowing that God is love, but also just and holy, and required punishment for sin. I honestly, believing in his love, asked him how to reconcile it, and he by knowledge or inspiration opened my remembrance to go into my great grandmother's bedroom where there was a picture in a drawer from the funeral of a relative of Jesus with the crown of thorns on the Cross. I'd heard the Gospel and that moment I believed and understood. The Scripture says that God is able to graft Israel in again if they abide not in unbelief. So I quite agree I do not judge their hearts. Many are ridiculously religious not unlike the Scribes and Pharisees, but many are also very honest and open and truly interested in the weightier matters of the law, such as justice and mercy, and I have no doubt the Spirit is leading them to salvation in Christ. I believe it is that time, which is to say that the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, and the gentile church definitely is not continuing in God's goodness , which is purely Grace of the Gospel, and have turned to a new set of laws even making the Epistles from the Apostles out to be some new set of rules and laws that require man's self effort to gain admission into the kingdom of heaven. And other justifying Sin verbatim which I'm not sure has ever been seen in Church History. Some fundamentalists even grossly pervert the word of God to suit their own traditions of what they good and bad behavior even making out the Lord Jesus himself to be a sinner by their rules, thus rejecting the tender nature of voluntary submission of moderation and sanctification through faith in the Shed Blood of Christ. God doesn't need a new set of people following the letter of new old laws, for Israel is already the Natural Branch as it is. I am purely saying that if God wants to regather Israel and unify the land at this time, as has been his intention since Abraham, he's not going to wait for their conversion to Christ; but so that he gets the glory and not them, he will regather them and then open their hearts and understanding to the Gospel after he has done it in a manner they can only give him glory and not themselves. If they believe God's word to the best of their understanding and sincerely are turning to him, which is the Spirit I have witnessed, I have no doubt they will soon be saved , as it is prophesied. I am very excited about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I am very excited at the prospect of Jewish people receiving their very own Messiah And Savior Jesus Christ, for it is their very possession FIRST and then the Gentile after. They do no harm keeping the Land of Israel in the Name of the God of Abraham. They do me no harm. If they do not receive Christ I am very sorry for them. Truly there will be many that do not, and they will not be part of the kingdom which descends out of heaven, the heavenly Jerusalem, but many will be a part. But Zionism to my understanding does nothing by honor the God of Abraham, when it is in faith to his word. I was in Jerusalem recently. You cannot separate who has a true religion and who does not by appearance or creed, but only in their actions to their fellow men and then their words, both of which I experienced first hand.

Tom Usher August 5 at 10:10pm

Well, I'm not sure what precipitated your contacting me this way. Perhaps you'll explain. Do you need to refresh my memory concerning where we've interacted before?

Your reply is Reformed, is it not. I detect Calvinism, but correct me if I'm wrong on that. [I now think more Pentecostal]

Are you of the opinion that God caused Herzl? Do you think God is the author of evil?

I also see that you are Pauline. I am not.

As for the political Zionists doing "no harm keeping the Land of Israel in the Name of the God of Abraham," that makes no sense. The political Zionists are doing harm and are not doing anything God wants. They are doing what they want. They are wrong. They should not have done what they have done to the Palestinians or the land.

If they don't harm you, they still harm me, for I am a Christian who has been abused by them in Palestine, just as Jesus said that whatever has been done to the least of the fold has been done to the shepherd.

"But Zionism to my understanding does nothing by honor the God of Abraham...." I don't know what that means. Did you mean "but" rather than "by"? If so, Zionism does nothing to honor the God of Abraham. The God of Abraham took not one innocent life. The Zionists have slaughtered thousands of those who include your supposed Christian brothers and sisters.

If you were in Jerusalem recently, then you are not as I am, for they would look at my open writings on the subject and would be afraid to let me enter and to speak openly to the people.

I think you had a plan to attempt to sway me to accepting the Zionist entity as being mundanely legitimate or ordained of God. I reject both positions for the reasons I've given.

If you are interested in continuing this discussion with me, take it out in the open where others may see what you are saying here and my replies. My blog is full of anti-Zionist posts. Choose one, and I will add these messages to the thread for the world to see.

If this offends you in the least, you are no real Christian.

Shall I post this conversation as a blog post where we can continue?

Robert Nimmich August 6 at 2:52am

You are correct in that I made a typographical error and I meant "but" not by. I do not agree with your assertion of "slaughter" and you will answer to God directly for your words as shall we all. If you mean by "Pauline" you mean the Apostle Paul, he is a Pillar in the Kingdom of Heaven made so by Christ. I have already shared our conversation with others, and your test as to my Christianity is not valid. Tthat authority has not been given to you make a new test to suit your religion whatever it is. The test of the Spirit is whether a man confesses Jesus Is Lord which I have already done. I do not care to continue this conversation with you.

Tom Usher August 6 at 5:25am

You started this. I'll finish it.

You don't think the Zionists have slaughtered people. You're a political-Zionist apologist unwilling to call what they are doing to the Palestinians what it is, that is abject murder including of little children and babies and pregnant women and the old and infirmed.

The Zionists are racists, liars, ethnic cleansers, land thieves, war criminals, who would engage in wholesale slaughter — that's genocide — out of their greedy, dark, Satanic spirit if given the chance. Jesus called the Talmudists "serpents." The "Jews" in their self-authorized "Israel" are nothing but Talmudists — traditionalists who made up all sorts of lies about Jesus. They need to stop, turn, repent, and atone. Yet you side with them before you can possibly walk with me. Well go on. Don't speak truth. You go with them where they're headed. See where it gets you.

As for your sharing this and then saying that my "test" as to your Christianity is not valid, it doesn't matter how many people you get to tell you that. It is absolutely valid to tell you that if you are offended about taking this back-and-forth public then you are no real Christian. Try reading Jesus on the subject about hiding the light. Then tell me about it. This was no pastoral counseling session where things are to remain confidential. This was you challenging me. It was completely obvious from the start. I've had plenty of your kind make these attempts. All have failed. They've all done exactly what you've done. Try to hit and then duck and run away unable to support their false beliefs — nasty spirits — not interested in helping to bring forth.

You don't know what authority has or hasn't been given to me. Who do you think you are?

You are completely wrong that the test is confessing Jesus as Lord. Any liar can do that.

You come off as a closet Zionist troll — full of crap. Share that! I will since you've no problem with sharing my messages without even asking me first (it's not a hard and fast rule anyway). You are a hit-and-run artist — a coward who can quote a little but can't stand and defend. I see no Christian in you. I see no Holy Spirit in your writings.

As for "Pauline," try studying the matter. You haven't yet. You see nothing contradictory in the writings attributed to him? You're blind.

I know who you are, and you're no brother in Christ of mine.

You're a ducker. Jesus never ducked. I don't duck either.

When you grow up and want to face things for real, let me know.

This hasn't been a conversation. This has been you slinking in and then being exposed and rebuked because everything you said here in an attempt to pull me down with you has failed miserably. You came to attack. Don't deny it. Don't be in denial. Snap out of your delusion. That's what you had on your mind. You did not have making friends with a fellow Christian in mind at all. It's completely obvious.

You don't know your scripture. You don't have the law written on your heart. You have sound bites written on it, not the Spirit of Truth.


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