After 9/11, Why Afghanistan? [Oh, this is sooooo IMPORTANT!]

After 9/11, Why Afghanistan?

Tom Usher wrote or added | I wanted to hear more on this, so I went out looking and found this longer version.

Tom Usher

Hey Michael [I was commenting to someone who "liked" my post.],

I'm favorably impressed that a Trotskyite is also a Truther. Do you know of many others?

I'm interested in what you see as the cause for the blind spot on the left and even within the libertarian-capitalist set.

I get why neocons are "blind" (wink, wink), but how do they manage to brainwash so much of the left and so-called "right"?

What's your take on the CIA? Do you think there are more leftist within it? My sense is that there are more capitalist minions (not really dupes, just greedy themselves) in it who are used to infiltrate the left.


I don't know why he didn't get back to me, but he is a busy fellow.

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