Christians Falsely Accused in Pakistan of "Blaspheming" Mohammed Murdered! [They shouldn't be killed in either case.]

Christians Falsely Accused in Pakistan of "Blaspheming" Mohammed Murdered!

Tom Usher wrote or added | I sure don't like versions of religions that don't allow people to debate religion. To me, any version of any religion that will kill people for sincerely questioning the validity of that version of that religion is evil. All religions should be open to question.

They should not shut down while honest inquiry and debate is on-going (no ducking and dodging and changing the subject). It's different once an impasse is met.

Then it's time to go separate ways without violence and especially without murder!

The person who shot these brothers is a murderer! What's the punishment in Islam for that? More killing. That's not the right path.

Peace is the only final path to itself.

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