[Damn spending everything on the Pentagon and Banksters forcing the people to starve] Half of India's population lives below the poverty line

Source: wsws.org

Tom Usher wrote or added | Wow, India is in bad shape. They shouldn't be spending on weapons. It's disgusting. These are the labor conditions against which the Plutocrats have pitted all American workers and especially the youngest ones coming up now. We should have raised the standards everywhere, not lowered them. It's the fault of the greedy. The greedy never contribute anything of real value. They always mess things up – always! Overturn the Plutocracy. Do it non-violently. Don't starve them the way they starve others. Be better than they are. It wouldn't be difficult, but it's required.

Dessie Harris

India has always been one of the poorest countries in the world, where class division and different religions are profoundly evident Constant Media coverage of child labour, lack of clean drinking water, health issues and poverty. Very sad indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Tom Usher

It is sad. It would be sad if nothing could be done about it, but it's even sadder because so many of the solutions are right there if only there weren't "clever" people desirous to be superrich on the backs of the abject poor.

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