Twitter Digest: August 8, 2010

  1. David Cameron concerning Gaza, etc.: Let's see the signs of the times - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  2. Twitter Digest: July 29, 2010 - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  3. Some charges against Charles Rangel might be honest errors; but if he collected hundreds of thousands in unreported rent, he should resign. #

  4. Andrew Breitbart, please do the right things. Repent and atone about Shirley Sherrod and others. #

  5. Andrew Breitbart, give the world an opportunity to forgive you for more than just because of your ignorance. #

  6. "BreakingMSNBC Breaking: Andrew Breitbart shows he has a
    conscious and heart—-will apologize to Mrs. Sherrod." He's losing. #

  7. Mike Mullen is saying Julian Assange might have Afghani blood on his hands over the leaks, as if Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mullen doesn't! #

  8. Unemployment is high so former workers will be willing to work for less. That's it. It's to increase the unearned share of plutocrats. #

  9. The US Pentagon has more blood on its hands than does any other entity on the planet. Yet it has the unmitigated gall to point at Assange. #

  10. Julian Assange is anti-war; & if any soldier who kills for the Plutocrats is "harmed" by leaks of war-crimes, it's the Pentagon's fault. #

  11. Julian Assange is not the one launching Hellfire missiles murdering innocent women & children & the aged & infirmed. The Pentagon is. #

  12. Who has launched the weapons to kill the hundreds of thousands who've died in wars based on sheer lies? The Pentagon, CIA, and Blackwater. #

  13. Saying Assange may have blood on his hands is as saying so does Richard Goldstone for reporting on Israeli war crimes against Gaza. #

  14. Saying WikiLeaks may have blood on its hands is saying so too do all the media outlets on account of having released the leaks. #

  15. The Pentagon is trying to protect mass killers — itself. #

  16. Watch what more evils the White House and Pentagon do while they point the finger at whistleblowers sounding alarms for the people. #

  17. This latest Pentagon twisting is a Zionist tactic. Blame protesters if the street is blocked & an imaginary ambulance can't get through. #

  18. The imaginary ambulance wouldn't have to face a blocked street if protesters didn't have anything to protest against. #

  19. GOP wants Israel to attack Iran? #

  20. Just UPDATED: David Cameron concerning Gaza, etc.: Let's see the signs of the times – Real Liberal Christian #

  21. UPDATED again: David Cameron concerning Gaza, etc.: Let's see the signs of the times – Real Liberal Christian #

  22. Keiser Report â„–64: Markets! Finance! Scandal! #

  23. HALSELL: What Christian-Zionists don't know about Israel - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  24. Maan News Agency: 'Miles of Smiles 2"² convoy en route to Gaza - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  25. A Must Read: This Nation-Building is Hell: USA-WMD: America's Covert Hiroshima in Iraq - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  26. Glen Ford: Breaking the Obama Spell [on Black Democrats], at the United National Peace Conference - Christian Commons #

  27. It's been about 15 years: AF2025 v3c15-1 | Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 - Real Liberal #

  28. Change the name of the US BOAT TO GAZA - Christian Commons Project #

  29. UN declares access to clean water a human right | The Economic Times - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  30. The non-Federal, non-Reserve "Jewish Temple" building v. fairly traditionally Roman-Greco Washington, DC. #

  31. H.R. 1553, introduced by Moron Republicans, endorses an Israeli attack on Iran - Christian Commons Project #

  32. Wall Street nets trillions while workers get bupkis | The Smirking Chimp - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  33. Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, bill to help responders, may die - Christian Commons Project #

  34. Judge faces stupid anti-Semitism "probe" after speech attacking Israel helps free arms factory protesters - RLCC #

  35. Wayne Madsen: Wikileaks Docs Target Pakistan! – Alex Jones Tv 1/2 - Christian Commons Project #

  36. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is 'annoyed' by 9/11 truth - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  37. Banksters' Greed-Axe falls on NHS services – Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  38. Economic Terrorism by Banksters: Basel committee agrees new bank capital rules - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  39. Cameron denounces Zionist-caused Gaza "Prison camp" and vows to fight for Turkey's EU membership - Christian Commons #

  40. Tar Sands are from Hell | Friends of the Earth - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  41. Insane (is there any other kind?) GOP wants Israel to attack Iran - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons #

  42. Israeli, fascist, land-thieving colonialists ("settlers") evict Palestinian family from their home of 70 years #

  43. This is one dumb article: "GREAT NEWS: Most Young Americans Expect Social Security To Collapse" - Real Liberal #

  44. Strange Bedfellows ("Christians" and the ACLU) on Immigration, Cocaine, and Campaign Finance | Christianity Today #

  45. Zionist propaganda: SIOA and FDI September 11th Solemn Protest Against "Mega Mosque" at Ground Zero | Stop Islamization #

  46. WikiLeaks, preempt the Pentagon/CIA: vows more leaks, BP leak, military abuses, Michael Isikoff - Christian Commons #

  47. WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, "fights back" [he hardly has to fight] - CNN Video - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  48. Libertarian-Capitalist(?) Misinterpretations of Christ: "If God Is Pro-War, He Lied," by Paul Green - Christian Commons #

  49. Proof Explosives Witness Reports 9/11 U can Hear the BOMBS! #

  50. "Reuter-Zogby February 2010 poll ... 56% of Americans favor a US-NATO military action against Iran." Same demons who lied about Iraq #

  51. 'Arab world supports Gaza? This is BS!' #

  52. Blood for Oil: A Pipeline in Pakistan #

  53. After 9/11, Why Afghanistan? #

  54. Refuting some of the same, old, worn-out, useless Zionist propaganda - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  55. I would rename the Gaza Freedom Flotilla boat from New York - Christian Commons Project #

  56. I'm now following #

  57. If he did what he says, she was every bit as much at fault. Where's Israel's justice? #

  58. I now following #

  59. Iris Dement - Our Town #

  60. I'm now following #

  61. Iris DeMent w/ Joan Osborne & Bruce Molsky - He Reached Down #

  62. Christian Celtic music worship #

  63. Emmylou Harris - The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (2007) #

  64. Nana Mouskouri - Ειρήνη (1968) #

  65. | I connected the Christian Commons Facebook Page to Twitter. All Wall posts, links, photos, events, videos, etc., will post as Tweets. #

  66. The problems with Social Security and Medicare are the Federal Reserve and Pentagon. Choose wisely. #

  67. If US Dist. Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker is right that CA Prop 8 violates due process & equal protection, pedophiles may marry children. #

  68. Judge Vaughn Walker is a legal idiot if he thinks laws may not be based on morality. Every law is reducible to morality (right vs. wrong). #

  69. If the Supreme Court were to say that no state law against homosexual marriage could stand, it might tip states to declare their succession. #

  70. My religion is against coercing people either way. However, the issue of homosexual marriage is that of mundane law. What about incest? #

  71. We can't take homosex in isolation concerning sexual-behavior laws. If arguments against limits fail, then there will be no limits but Hell! #

  72. If homosexuals have marriage rights based on current arguments, then so do practitioners of pedophilia, incest, necrophilia, & bestiality. #

  73. I have never heard a good argument for drawing the line after sanctioning homosexual marriage. They are all fallacious. #

  74. Israel reaching into Lebanon to cut Lebanese trees is a stupid provocation and illegal. #

  75. Mexican drug gangs have been getting such a pass that I've been smelling banksters and "intelligence" agencies for a couple of years now. #

  76. "The evidence shows beyond any doubt that parents' genders are irrelevant to children's developmental outcomes." That is utterly stupid. #

  77. Statistics already show that children raised by homosexual couples are more likely to engage in homosexuality. That's an outcome. #

  78. There are also many negative medical and psychological aspects much more prevalent in homosexual behavior and regardless of "affirmation." #

  79. Raising children in that environment will promote those negatives. Science and technology are not near masking all the symptoms. #

  80. Bridge Experience #

  81. Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA Full Length #

  82. Self-styled Christian doesn't think Zionists have slaughtered Palestinians - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  83. A non-Christian who thinks she knows all about Christianity but knows nothing - Christian Commons Project #

  84. The level of global brainwashing that has occurred concerning homosexuality is astounding - Real Liberal Christian #

  85. #2 The level of global brainwashing that has occurred concerning homosexuality is astounding - Christian Commons #

  86. Boy, Five, Begs Soldiers Not To Take His Dad #

  87. On the "International Burn a Koran Day," 9/11 - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  88. Tom Jesus saith unto him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John... #

  89. Morgan & Platell part 1.mp4 #

  90. Assange is not an American and doesn't live here. The US is not in a declared war. The DoD wonders if US law can touch him. It can't. #

  91. When is some large country going to issue it's own interest-free money? Why are people so extremely slow and dull on this? It's amazing. #

  92. I'm watching a video of Pentagon fascists propagandizing against WikiLeaks. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. Do they take lie pills? #

  93. How many innocent civilians, women and children, old people and sick people, have the Pentagon, CIA, & contractors murdered for oil & gas? #

  94. The issue isn't WikiLeaks redacting collaborator names but the US waging wars to dominate other's raw materials, markets, labor, & capital. #

  95. Online role-playing games are out selling movies and music? No wonder the world is going to Hell. "World of Warcraft" sounds Satanic. Yep. #

  96. Ralph Nader on Running for President #

  97. UPDATED: "Is Facebook a waste of time? If it is for you, try ..." – Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian C.. #

  98. US gov. knew exactly when WTC building 7 would come down. Who controlled the explosions? Watched. - RLCC #

  99. [Damn spending everything on the Pentagon and Banksters forcing the people to starve] 1/2 India's population in poverty #

  100. Alan Hart gets right to the heart of the matter: "Arab world supports Gaza? This is BS!" - Real Liberal Christian #

  101. Blood for Oil: A Pipeline in Pakistan [Damn Satanic, Worldly Empire] - Christian Commons Project #

  102. Music Video: Iris Dement – "Our Town" - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  103. Music Video: Iris DeMent w/ Joan Osborne & Bruce Molsky – "He Reached Down" [Yes, He did.] - Christian Commons Project #

  104. A little Celtic Christian music - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  105. After 9/11, Why Afghanistan? [Oh, this is sooooo IMPORTANT!] - Christian Commons Project #

  106. Christian Zionism, Left Behind and Rapture – positions of Christian churches and denominations - Real Liberal Christian #

  107. Christians Falsely Accused in Pakistan of "Blaspheming" Mohammed Murdered! [They shouldn't be killed in either case.] #

  108. Viva Palestina (VP5): A global lifeline to Gaza - Real Liberal Christian Church & Christian Commons Project #

  109. John Hagee [Mangling] Scripture (Genesis 12:3) | Sola Dei Gloria - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  110. 230 immigrants [violent, racist, Zionist colonialists] from North America arrive in Israel on Nefesh B'Nefesh flight #

  111. Informative: Bridge Experience under Zionists/Colonialists - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  112. My Marriage Evolved Away [a play on words] « Go to for the new site. - Christian Commons Project #

  113. Evidence, statistics, & information weighs in favor of heterosexual marriage - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  114. What's the matter with t r u t h o u t? | Can Jesus Cure Shell Shock? – Real Liberal Christian Church #

  115. Facebook doesn't give consistent notice. Check yours. - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  116. Ron Wilkins: The Other Side of Shirley Sherrod [maybe, maybe not] - Christian Commons Project #

  117. Massive Censorship by Rule-Breaking Right-Wingers on Digg Finally Reported - Real Liberal Christian Church #

  118. [Former Muslims, now humanists, rip Islam] Apostates of Islam – We left Islam - Christian Commons Project #

  119. My Marriage Evolved Away [a play on words] ldsphilosopher - Real Liberal Christian Church #

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