What's the matter with t r u t h o u t? | Can Jesus Cure Shell Shock?

Tom Usher wrote or added | You know, sometimes t r u t h o u t is dumber than dumb. I thought truthout was supposed to be anti-war. However, I keep seeing stupid articles such as this one that makes a huge deal out of a non-Christian who's just a selective-scripture user focused in on the dreaded Romans 13 (the worst of what is passed off as the New Testament).

The Pauline (if Paul even wrote it; but I believe he did) is no worse than the Pentagon itself. Rather than hammer at the free exercise clause that is interpreted as guaranteeing the captives in the US military the right to chaplains, etc., try hammering at the utter evil that is the military itself. Man, this is sick – wickedness on all sides.

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