Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide by Sri Lankan Government Against Tamil People [including confused Neo-Nazi commentary/prescription]

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Tom Usher wrote or added | You've seen the letters OMG, for Oh My God! This is where they fit.

"Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide By Sri Lankan Government Against Tamil People

"By Muthamizh Vendhan

"10 August, 2010

"Previously banned photos from May 2009 published with this report: they are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, not appropriate for kids."

This is man's inhumanity to man. These acts are rationalized. Then people wonder why some of us say some people are full of the spirit of evil.

You know whose side the US government was on, and is on, and why. The reason isn't any prettier than are these photos because the US has done this stuff and worse for how many years now?

Where are the people shutting down the government's ability to do this sort of stuff? Why are their Pentagon lovers? Why are people glad that homosexuals will soon get to do this while being out of the closet rather than just being against violence, period? Whine about violence against homosexuals, but then go fire Hellfire missiles for the Plutocrats — wicked insanity!
Both sides in these "fights" commit atrocities, and it gets to the point where no one can say where the evil began: stupid excuses to commit violence and all manner of evil.

Dean Smithson

The Tamils are being eliminated, the Tigers failed them, I guess they didn't have a great leader like Rockwell was in the USA but he was not a military footing.

Tom Usher


Which Rockwell do you mean? I hope you don't mean the utterly anti-Christ, Nazi, George Lincoln Rockwell.

Dean Smithson

Yes what other Rockwell is their, the USA has had no other leader with the balls he had.

Tom Usher

Rocks in his head is more like it. Dean, do you read or just watch videos and play games on Facebook? I ask because you seem to be getting a very narrow, conveniently selective, distorted view of what's really going on. I'm willing to discuss things with you, with the view of explaining why much of what you appear to admire is false-hearted; but you have to be serious about wanting the truth or I'm not interested.

Dean Smithson

You seem narrow on beliefs anti Zionist good, and anti capitalist good, but what about saving the white race ? and you seem submerged in Christianity, I my self are more pagan.

Tom Usher

The White "race" needs only the saving of God. Why are you pagan? Have you read the Bible and especially the Gospels? If not, do it.

Dean Smithson also posted a video to my Facebook Wall concerning which he and I have had a bit more back and forth. I will be posting that shortly.

This Nazi also commented here.

Dean Smithson

I am a more Earthly person who can believe in what I see and feel, and embrace other living species, see how they interact see how they survive she how they hunt , play and care for each other. I am not a hater of other races of human kind, they have Africa, Asia, south America and other continents to reside in, not in Europe in my opinion. I was taught Christianity in my schooling and would be more likely to embrace the Old testament which in my view is less all inclusive of homo's and such.

Tom Usher


What are you trying to say by bringing up that you observe and embrace animals? All sorts of people do that. The fact that you do it tells people simply that you do it. Separating humans into camps based upon observing and embracing (a vague term here) animals doesn't separate people into zones of geographical origin or first-migration or what have you.

Okay, you're determined to call Black Africans a race apart from White Europeans without bothering with the concept of species and what that means. Who defined where Europe starts and stops vis-a-vis Asia? If you look at the land mass, Eurasia is more apt. In that case, how do you tell a person whose language/family is of Slavic extraction that he or she does or doesn't belong in any particular area in Eurasia?

I have no problem with people and peoples having possession, that is use, of land where others won't just horn their way in. I do have a problem with those who seek to keep others out on account of ethnicity as if to say that their ethnicity precludes them from being or becoming not only not harmful but rather beneficial. Therein lies the point of invidious discrimination that you practice and that is not love of human brother or sister.

How do you think human beings became White versus Black? How do you think Europe came to be White? What happened to the other human subspecies (races) that were in Europe and elsewhere? Why didn't Homo sapien sapiens keep to their place of origin? Was it evil to move?

When you are in trouble, will you want someone of a different color to pass by on the other side of the road to leave you in pain and suffering beaten half to death, robbed, and going to die a long and agonizing death if that other person doesn't reach down to help you?

I don't know who claimed to be teaching you Christianity, but the New Testament is vastly superior to the Old. Moses taught to exterminate homosexuals. Jesus taught not to exterminate anyone because you are not perfect. The spirit using your standard against you would frown upon you as much as you frown upon homosexuality and exterminate you for being less than perfect. However, if you simply speak the truth and extent that to others for their edification (if they will accept it) and don't use against them what you don't want used against you (or shouldn't want used – masochism for instance being a decidedly, obvious diseased state), then you will be doing the least hypocritical thing possible while calling others to the highest possible state of peace.

You should be aware that homosexuals and many of their supporters point to animals who engage in what those people call homosexuality. Of course, animals engage in all sorts of things that those people reject – hypocrisy. They are very selective and don't seem to understand that humans are capable of transcending animalistic brainwave forms. Our brain matter is plastic, and what we decide to think and to do actually changes it. It is not immutable.

So, if you hold these views, why did you post the video to my wall that you did without qualifying your views? Why did you call Rockwell a great man when he held views that you disbelieve and who would have done violence against all Jews regardless of any individual's character and history of acts, etc.?

Your nose is longer than mine. You are not allowed. Doesn't that sound stupid? Don't you think that other factors are vastly more important and that in fact nose length is irrelevant?

So, the Zionists are Jewish (their version) Nationalists. They've ethnically cleaned much of Israel of Arabs. You are a White Nationalist (whatever that is considering how Whites have warred on each other down through the ages), yet you frown upon the Jewish Nationalists. That's pretty hypocritical, Dean.

You're English. So am I mostly. I live in America. The Indians were already here. Now what? Your view means I have to leave and you have to make room for me there. However, the English are a mixture of people who were there but also came over later from the continent. So, maybe we have to rip ourselves apart and scatter our atoms. However, even our atoms are a mix. Better is for me to get along with the Indians, don't you think?

Dean Smithson

I am not hypocritical, the Jews through history have been heartless capitalist profiteers, they use the Holohoax and so called anti - semitism to try beat down any criticism of them the inter breed like Muslims do. They are not a real race of people, like Whites are, like Negro's are like orientals are. It is possible you know the the American Indians were not the first true inhabitants or the USA some skeletons were found in caves that seem to have European features and the Indians were quick to reclaim them and say they were their ancestors.

I agree the UK people are a mix of people of European descent, Caucasions, whites are diverse enough already, without adding Oriental and Negro genes. The least civilized nations on this Earth are in Afrika and Asia it seem and do agree, yes brothers wars have happen in Europe in over a thousand years. But now hopefully no longer. Yes I do think to try get along with non- whites is best but not embrace them too much.

Tom Usher


You say you aren't hypocritical, but I have pointed out where you are hypocritical. Denying it does nothing to change it.

"the Jews through history have been heartless capitalist profiteers...." Can you say "some Jews," Dean? Some Jews have been Jesus Christ and his closest disciples who were the exact opposite of "heartless capitalist profiteers." Try not lumping everyone together.

"Holohoax" is a sweeping buzzword. The Nazis were not nice people, Dean. Hitler was a huge war-monger. I do believe that the idea that no Jews had done anything wrong before during or after WWI and before WWII is as ridiculous as saying that Hitler was a great guy.

I don't know how many Jews were killed in concentration camps. I don't automatically believe the same people who have created the Zionist Project who have been caught red handed within just the last few years lying over and over and over about what they have done and are still doing. That said, I don't believe Nazis either. Hitler is famous for advocating and using the Big Lie.

As for interbreeding, exactly what are you trying to say? If you want Europe for White Europeans only and if you want to keep only to the English, how is that not interbreeding?

You are stuck in an arbitrary rut on this "race" term. Have you ever looked up the definition and seen all the connotations. "Race" is such a vacuous term as you are using it. The ethnic Jews are a race albeit a small subset relative to all Semite (if you define Semite as a race in the first place).

Where did you get the garbage about skeletons in American caves "that seem to have European features and the Indians were quick to reclaim them and say they were their ancestors." The Vikings landed here, but the Indians were here in mass. Europeans had not established even a toehold here before the Indians were settled over North and South America. Where's the carbon dating and DNA testing of these Europeans' bones? It sounds like you've been viewing too many undocumented Nazi propaganda pieces.

You avoid the points I've been making. It seems that all you want to do here is hear yourself talk. You haven't been keeping with my rules for continuing this.

You have offered zero reason for assigning to all non-Whites qualities that should preclude them. There are plenty of Black people who are of a higher caliber of character than the vast majority of Whites. Your race theories don't handle that.

Dean Smithson

Yes agree lots of Negro's are intelligent and more of them are law breakers the world over, Churchill was a worse war monger than the Führer was, you Tom would be described has a Christian Neo Con, by White Nationalists, I would not be surprised if you admire Barak Obama where has you know I admire the deceased George Lincoln Rockwell . The White race has much to be proud of, inventions, building and civilizing nations, as I have said before you're race is one thing you cannot change, unlike more things in life that can be changed even under a surgeons knife.

I have always agreed with you're stance on Zionism and support for the Palestinians, they have a right to self determination. I am in favour of strong limits on abortions and higher tax rates being mandatory for high earners large banking concerns need breaking up, the swallowing up of smaller banks by the much larger ones is not good business. In the UK we have equal age of consent for men and women and same sex liaisons which is at 16, it is horrid to think an immature 16 years old youth can be buggered legally by a much older homo predator.

Tom Usher

Have you ever heard that "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"? Do you know what it means? You have a little knowledge about a few things, but it's what you think you should do thereafter where you are severely lacking that is so dangerous.

First of all, before you call people lawbreakers, you have to define the law. What laws are lesser-intelligent Blacks (less intelligent than the most intelligent Blacks) breaking the world over? There are laws in Nigeria against people fighting the oil companies that are there robbing the Nigerians of the oil under Nigerian soil and causing huge pollution and ill-health. The Nigerians who disrupt the oil companies are breaking false-laws. They are disrupting breakers of "higher" law. As a Christian, I'm not ending it there. There is a higher law yet (the "highest"; only real law), but my point still stands. There is no doubt that the oil companies of White Europeans are committing the greater sin.

Now, if you mean to imply that more Blacks are breaking legitimate laws around the world, you are only speculating and are undoubtedly misunderstanding the nature of legitimate laws regardless. Even if it were to turn out that you are correct, it would not constitute any reason to lump all Blacks together as being unworthy. It would also not constitute proof in the slightest that lawbreakers cannot be called to a higher law and rise to that occasion. Do not discount that the imperialism and colonialism and negative exploitation by White Europeans has contributed greatly, perhaps the most, to the failure of many people to be thusly called and to have a reasonable opportunity to change undesirable behaviors. The fact that you acknowledge intelligent Blacks and have here differentiated between them and "lawbreakers" shows that you are trying to have your philosophy both ways, which is, again, hypocritical, which hypocrisy you have yet to admit to yourself. Until you do, you will make no real progress.

As for Churchill, I have studied him in no small measure and written about him probably more than you have read or heard about him. I am fully aware of his racism, eugenicism, and warmongering, etc. Even if he was a worse warmonger than Hitler, that wouldn't be saying much for Hitler. Competing for worst warmonger makes both beyond the pale.

As for your terming me a neoconservative, this indicates that of all the things you've mentioned of a common nature here that you are most ignorant as to what constitutes neoconservatism. Most people who know would actually laugh at the notion that someone would consider me a neocon. I am farther from neoconservatism than are you. I'm not going to waste my time giving you a mini-course in Plato and Straussianism and the generation of neocons who followed on. Do some homework. Anti-Zionists are inherently anti-neocon.

You obviously haven't been paying much attention here or concerning my earlier posts since you "would not be surprised if [I] admire Barak [sp] Obama." Barack Obama is a Zionist and stands for nearly everything I write against and against nearly everything I favor. You really need to stop playing so many video games, Dean, and rather start reading and studying and thinking. Your mind is mushy.

You speak of pride but don't understand the evil nature of egoism and elitism. You make sweeping statements such as "civilizing nations." Now that's neoconism. The White people have done huge damage to the world, on balance more bad than good so far. There are though many White people who are strong countervailing forces to that.

What does changing being of White extraction have anything to do with anything? Who cares? I don't. I couldn't care less. I am completely disinterested in your racial theories other than to debunk them, which I've done here but that you refuse to open your mind, and especially your heart (emotions), to grasp. You have a deep-seated selfish streak, Dean.

Everyone self determines while no one self determines. The only one who has the "right" to full self-determination is God. Join that.

I don't seek coercive worldly power regarding abortion. I seek to change hearts and minds across-the-board such that no one would ever seek an abortion or experience anything to tempt it.

I am not ultimately for higher taxes on the rich. I am for the mammonless economy. Have you not read any of my posts on this subject?

Sex is as anything else. I don't seek coercive worldly power regarding such actions. I seek everyone putting the good of all before selfishness. The issue of homosexuality is a difficult area for people. Many people want to close the debate about it and call settled all of their premises regarding the subject. I do not subscribe to the school of thought (if it can rightly be called such) that claims that there is nothing harmful in it. I have seen all the arguments (laundry list) and dealt with every single one in ways that has left the pro-homosexual camp speechless on the points – unable to refute them. What I don't do is become inconsistent and call for stoning people and the like. That is not the way. I do insist that the issue of homosexuality and Zionism and a host of other subjects are not settled the way the pro-homosexual and Zionist crowd was hoping they would be. They are actually settled in Heaven, and there is no homosexuality or false-Zionism there.

Now, I'm getting the impression that you are getting help in replying to my comments and have some goal in mind that you've not stated openly.

You have to understand that you are not getting a foot in the door. National Socialism, Nazism, is rejected, permanently. It is a non-starter. The Germans who went along with it were wrong. There were vastly better ways. Hitler misled the Germans into a disastrous war and defeat from which that country is still reeling. He was wrong. Everything that the German people really needed to do, Hitler and his inner circle screwed up. Now, I know the thinking that went into it better than do you. I know what they should have done too, which you don't seem to know a thing about.

By the way, that Wikipedia article on Rockwell is a false-propaganda piece. It leaves out many aspects about events in Rockwell's life that would reveal undesirable characteristics beyond those which are obvious and numerous. Dean, what the Hell is the "World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS)." You rail against capitalism while you laud this political/economic disease, Rockwell. Make up your mind, Dean. "Rockwell supported America's war in Vietnam." So much for the rights of the "Palestinians"/Vietnamese to self-determination. Do you know the history of the Vietnam War – the lead-up, etc.? I don't think so. "When the Freedom Riders drove their campaign to desegregate bus stations in the deep South, Rockwell secured a Volkswagen van and decorated it with swastikas and white supremacist slogans, dubbing it the 'Hate Bus'...." You said you don't hate, but you put this person at the top of your list of people to admire. I know you are not using the term "hate" in the Christian sense but in the common usage; hence, you are a hypocrite.

Dean, you're a mess. I tell you that so you will do some soul searching about why you hold such mixed up views. I would like to see you see your way clear of all this White Power nonsense. Black Power is stupid, Zionism is stupid, and White Power is stupid. Rockwell was stupid.

We've exhausted this subject enough. I don't want to hear any more statements from you supporting Rockwell or Nazism. You haven't backed up any of your views with facts but have rather supplied nothing but contradictions. Your philosophy is riddled with hypocrisy. Start fixing it, then I'll talk with you some more about these things. If you refuse, if you don't openly admit to your hypocrisy and confusion, don't comment to me again because I will delete your comment. If you persist, I will remove you from my friend's list. If you still persist after that, I will block you on Facebook. This is perfectly reasonable of me. I established the ground rules for our discussion. Those rules preclude an endlessly fruitless non-discussion. My Wall is not a platform for Nazism.

May God bless you with the truth, Dean.


Tom Usher

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