Most Nazis Don't Think it Through

The following is a video entitled, "WHY THE BANKSTERS KEEP US DUMB," by Carl Klang, that a Nazi posted on my Facebook Wall. I allowed it and began the process of showing him how confused he is. We had a back-and-forth in the Facebook comment-section of the post, which back-and-forth I've included below the video.

Tom Usher

Okay, Dean, but you will notice that the song shows Hitler as a fascist and labels him a socialist (which is a partial-truth at best). Remember that George Lincoln Rockwell, who you lauded yesterday on my Wall, was a huge Hitler fan. So, you have a major conflict within your own views/ideology if you endorse both Rockwell and this song.

Now, this song is cute but misleading. The Plutocrats are not socialists or communists (of any stripe). They are capitalist-feudalists, which is redundant. The people putting forth this garbage at the top are laissez-faire capitalists funded by Big Corporations! Ironically and very telling is that many of the think tanks they fund are loaded with Jews.

Also, the video refers to Eustace Mullins who wrote "The Biological Jew," which is racist, as if all Jews are deserving of extermination. Look, banksterism isn't in the blood. Okay. There are non-Jew banksters too.

Just because Mullins wrote some crap doesn't mean everything he wrote is crap, so don't get me wrong. I don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Now, Dean, either you wake up and stop promoting racism, which is an evil, or you won't be allowed to post to my Wall. There are people who descended from Judah who are not the problem. Don't forget the redneck slavers who are not Jewish. White, non-Jew slavers enslaved non-Jew Whites too, by the way.

Dean Smithson

It is love of ones race which is Racialism nothing can take away a persons race, it cannot be changed, Capitalism is evil, Zionism is an evil form of Nationalism, Christianity is a security blanket. Banksterism is capitalism. Rockwell was a National Socialist, a very brave man, he should up for his race and nation and served his country that is why he was a commander, he used shock tactics was a very intelligent man who took it to the Jews and to militant Marxist blacks.

Tom Usher


"Race" is a stupid term when applied to skin coloring. There is no separate species known as White or Black, etc.

What's to "love" about skin pigment versus loving the content of character?

You said, "Christianity is a security blanket." What was a security blanket about Jesus being spiked to the cross so you might come to know why the moneychangers were cleaned from the temple? Have you read the Christian Bible or not?

Do you really believe all the tenets of National Socialism? Don't you know that the eugenics theories would have seen you raised in a parent-less ward? Is that what you would have wanted for yourself? Do you belong to the state with a supreme dictator who holds the power of life and death over you with the stroke of a pen? Hitler had such self-authorized authority.

Most importantly though is that you have had other comment threads with me wherein you indicated that you were opposed to racism. Why did you make misleading comments before, and why have you chosen only now to reveal this Nazi stuff? Of course, I know the answers; but spit it out here for yourself.

Dean Smithson

Race is more than skin deep you have swallowed the liberal twaddle hook line and sinker if you really do think outerwise, and if you believe every word the Bible to be true you are living in cloud cuckoo land. I am not one who believes that the White man is totally supreme to any person of any other race so I am not Racist.

Tom Usher


You are in over your head here. You cannot define "race," as you are attempting to use it here, with any clearly defined lines of demarcation. Humanity is a single species. Barring some individual health issue, any ethnic group of humans is biologically able to have offspring with any other ethnic group of humans as much as your ethnic group is able to have offspring with members of your same ethnic group.

That you would say to me that people are more than skin deep as if to say that I would be unaware of that is ridiculous. Of course I'm aware of that. Of course I am aware of differences between ethnic groups that run more than skin deep. You are failing to realize that the first most common reaction between different people is visual/surface. People of your view react on that basis first. It's a fact. You associate/assume all sorts of internal things based upon skin color and a few other surface visuals.

You have linked on my Wall to materials that denigrate all people of certain ethnic groups, as if not one person in those groups is capable of not being worthy of extermination. That is not for you to decide. You are incapable of determining who is beyond redemption. That is why I said that you need to read the Gospels.

You can't link to videos without qualifying anything about them, have me comment, and then return non-answers and expect to be allowed to continue such a fractured pattern. I don't facilitate that process. Rise to the occasion, Dean.

Are you afraid to read the Gospels? Are you afraid you would not understand them so therefore you refuse? If so, that's a non-excuse. Work on it until you get it.

Look Dean, I have a general rule with people that I always get around to expressing when necessary. Sadly, it's all too necessary. When people want to comment, okay. However, when I make countervailing points, they either address those by refuting them with valid or at least thought provoking info, or I tell the other party(s) that I will not continue and will even cut them off where they become nothing but obnoxious.

The Bible is something you have not read. You know next to nothing about theology. You have not pondered the difference between the literal and figurative, the letter versus the spirit, and where those overlap and why. You are, so far, a shallow thinker.

I have attempted to encourage you to expand your mind, but you are stuck regurgitating the same Nazi sound bites that I've seen all over the place – totally unoriginal thinking on your part concerning these issues.

The Gospel contains the record of Jesus speaking the truth to the powers that were at the time and being murdered for it. You dismiss all of his message much of which is directed exactly at why Nazism is utterly mistaken.

Now look, you laud Rockwell and National Socialism, but then you come around here saying anti-Rockwell and anti-Nazi statements such as, "I am not one who believes that the White man is totally supreme to any person of any other race so I am not Racist." Make up your mind, Dean! Nazism is White Supremacist by definition. Hitler exemplified Nazism. He was the Nazi Movement. He was a White Supremacist without doubt. Making statements to him as you just did here on my Wall would have seen you in a concentration camp.

You would not have been allowed to say that Aryans are not superior to Jews! Quit ignoring the facts, Dean.

Of course, had you been raised in a parent-less ward and fully indoctrinated, you would have been mindlessly spewing Aryan Supremacy.

Do you hate your parents so much, Dean, that you would rather have been pulled from them at birth, never even knowing who they were, to be raised by the ideological machine that was National Socialism? Would you have wanted to never marry a single woman but rather have to have sex with whomever the state tells you and with such women that you would never bond and live? Have you zero ability to envision an environment utterly devoid of what little real humanity you may enjoy now?

Dean, forgive me if this hurts your feelings, but I believe you realize that you would not have been an officer in the Nazi system but rather a frontline piece for canon fodder.

So, that was the last comment of its type I will be accepting from you. If you wish to attempt to discuss things in earnest with a mind to learning things about which you plainly have no knowledge, I will be glad to help.

What my Facebook Wall is not though, is a place for just anyone to toss out statements that he or she can not or will not back up with any intelligent effort to support the claims and where that one refuses to concede any countervailing points.

That's how it is.

This same Nazi commented on a post of mine as well, here.


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