OpEdNews - Article: "Who is the Family of Humanity, and Why Does Anyone Charge a Member to Eat?" by Tom Usher

Tom Usher wrote or added | Hi All,

Please, check out my new article on OpEdNews. Chime in over there if you are registered to leave comments (consider registering if not), and let me know over there that you arrived from my Facebook post.

Also, of course, please lend your support (moral, etc.) by joining the Cause known as the Christian Commons Project. The link is in the article and here http://www.causes.com/causes/99753?m=e5767d02&recruiter_id=13875729.

If you would be so kind, please share this post on Facebook and elsewhere (Twitter, etc.). Feel free to use this lead-in and modify it to suit your Wall.

Thank you!

Hello Dessie,

You are the one and only person on Facebook so far who has shown even the slightest notice. Oh well, people haven't gotten it yet. They refuse to see Jesus for the man who spoke the words and did the deeds recorded in the Gospels (even if they discount the miracles) and realize no one has ever done better and then stand up for that rather than what will never finally get humanity free of evil.

They want to think that their way is better than what Jesus said and did. How that's possible with them is something that speaks to a need for the deepest soul searching.

Many want this sort of thing to be disheartening for me and make me throw up my hands to quit, but I will persevere in patience to the end.

Some people never do get to the "long night of the soul." When it's too late for them, then I will give up on them.

Peace to you,


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