t r u t h o u t | The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA's Experiments on Children

Tom Usher wrote or added | This article is much to kind to the "doctors" and "scientists." The term "mad scientists" applies. The doctors were supposedly trying to cure insanity. "Physician, heal thyself" also applies. There is no doubt in my mind that these were and are sociopaths at work with a large dose of sadism. Their actions, by definition, were and are demonic.

Dessie Harris

Electric shocks used on people especially children who suffer from menta disorders have no use at all, as they do is jump start the brain but it burns cells and the tissue/skin surrounding the temples and forehead. This should never be used except in torturing helpless victims.

Tom Usher

Thank you Dessie, Betty, and Chris,

Absolutely, Dessie, it should never be used. I went to school with a bunch of kids who were given shock "treatments." One said it helped, but who knows what else was going on with that one?

What they don't divulge much is that this stuff is often tied in with religion and spirit. The article barely touches on it, but not even in the way I'm meaning here.

The CIA has used rituals for decades to "conform" children to raise up CIA tools. I've read quite a bit on it. It's not unassociated with all of the so-called "harmless" secret societies in colleges, Skull and Bones being perhaps the most famous now and certainly an incubator bringing forth the CIA.

The Hellfire Club also was no picnic, and it carried on well into adulthood. Anyone who thinks Benjamin Franklin (a member) was a saint needs to do a great deal of studying about his alter ego. Of course, most people are aware that he was a notorious womanizer, as was Thomas Jefferson (a bit lesser). Some just think that's great – "Playboy" and all (a trick on boys); but it really doesn't bode well for how one conducts one's personal life and how that carries over into how one leads and in what direction.

Chris 'Pyrate' McCabe

This shld never be used, *especially* in torturing helpless victims......

But some people with mental & emotional anguish will request ECT, & say it helps. It can also be misused to scramble recent memory when there has been institutional abuse.

Dessie Harris

Personally I have never met anyone who has requested an ECT in order to help their mental illness in any way. Years ago patients were strapped on a couch whilst the health professional administered the ECT, WITHOUT THE PATIENTS' CONSENT. Now days the patient is given an anaesthetic before the ECT is administered.

Tom Usher

"This should never be used except in torturing helpless victims." It's a manner of speaking that I understood, but there's no problem in Chris's clarifying the point.

Good point here too, Chris, that it's used to kill the memory of abuse done by ostensible "good guys."

Dessie Harris

Tom, is ECT used on people to remove the memory of torture, by torturing them again through ECT, can you clarify this please. Thanks

Tom Usher

Yes, Dessie, perhaps Chris has some more info or links close at hand. However, it's been known publicly for many years that people such as Ewen Cameron used all manner of devices to "de-pattern" human personalities that necessarily included wiping memories. He was under CIA contract. His victims were uninformed. He was far from the only one who was under contract, and you can be sure that there is extremely hi-tech human guinea pig experimentation still ongoing. Absolutely nothing points to a change in that culture. If anything, all the recently exposed lies for war, etc., suggest that things have gotten, and continue to get, worse in government.

The most important thing to know about anti-Christ government is that it's headed by pathological liars. Some are worse than are others, of course. Some are more in denial than extremely consciously lying.

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