[The solution is as easy as pie] "Horrific Derivatives Bubble that Could One Day Destroy the Entire World Financial System," by Michael Snyder

The Horrific Derivatives Bubble That Could One Day Destroy The Entire World Financial System - Blac

Tom Usher wrote or added | "The truth is that we should have never allowed world financial markets to become a giant casino.

"But we did.

"Soon enough we will all pay the price, and when that disastrous day comes, most Americans will still not understand what is happening."

The truth is also that this is triply sad because this is all old, old news. I wrote about it and wrote about it, but no one wanted to talk about it. No one comments on these articles. Their eyes gloss over. They don't even try to understand these ridiculous "securities."

The truth though is that they aren't that hard to understand. The truth is that the whole system needs to be rolled back to before these insane things were rolled out. You will here people complain that these things are used to hedge things such as commodities values — farmers use them. However, they don't stop anywhere near any level of practicality. They are made deliberately untraceable in fact.

The money is created in the form of transaction fees earned by those who trade for others in these markets. The trading is done via computer algorithms that are designed so that bubbles are inevitable.

The taxpayers are the marks. The conmen get the tax bailouts and the Republicans vote for the politicians those cons have bought off for peanuts.

It could be ended immediately if only the people would stop voting for leaders bought off by the banksters who are behind this house of cards.

Annie Greengirl

we are paying the price now........and will c ontinue too

Tom Usher

True. It is going to take a huge event to change things — much bigger than 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and this current depression that they are lying about calling it a slowing recovery. It's all smoke and mirrors. There are tens even hundreds of trillions in total junk "assets" that the Federal Reserve is hiding from the tax payers.

Annie Greengirl

this crap happens in every administration, so flippin tired of all polititions!

Tom Usher

You are right, Annie. There is no example in history where leadership that was allowed didn't resort to doing what was worse for the people than what has always been right there that the whole people could have chosen. People follow the wrong shepherds. They are taken in. They are conned. That happens due to the selfishness that they, the people, refuse to overcome for whatever reason. Until selfishness is no longer the standard, humanity will never be healthy.

The only right thing to do is face the evil past and reject it from then on out. Jesus got it and did it. He is the perfect example.

Certainly Mohammed is not the exemplar of righteousness. We can't condone raiding caravans, slaughtering people for war loot, stealing other peoples possessions especially by force of arms, taking people into slavery to keep them or to sell them, raping women and girls taken in war, etc.

How people can equate religions is beyond the pale. There just is no equality of Jesus and Mohammed, for instance.

Some billion people on the planet need to turn from the voice that called them to do all the wicked things I just described.

There are tens of millions more who are deluded into thinking that Jesus likes all the greed and violence and depravity that America largely represents (not all of it, as there are Americans who are anti those evils).

The billion or so Hindus often have the completely wrong idea as well what with their unholy caste system (classism, elitism).

I don't know how many Buddhists there are, but certainly a large number of them are violent warriors and uphold evil, worldly hierarchies.

As for Judaism, well, real Christianity is real Judaism while that which came out from the Talmud is false-hearted, as Jesus made very clear as recorded in the Gospels that the Muslims even deny.

Secularists on the other hand think that Jesus didn't bring the enhanced word of God. They believe that they have what knowledge they do concerning right from wrong by reason of material, anti-spiritual "knowledge" or "science." They don't credit the spiritual who came before them and made the words known. It's a shame that they don't credit Jesus for his teachings, which are the highest teachings any human being has ever heard or seen.

Peace and truth (the same),


Tom Usher

Thanks Finbar Cafferkey.

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