UK Methodist Church Seeks End to Israeli Occupation of Palestine [1st, define "Palestine]

Tom Usher wrote or added | "... sometimes we need to be equivocal about what we feel and sometimes we need to be a bit more 'Pauline' and now is the time we have to make a clear stand."

What? Christians are never intentionally to equivocate. Equivocation is not the message of the crucifixion. Also, the Pauline is exactly equivocal. That's why so many in the Military don't understand that Paul's writing known as Romans 13 (chapter 13) is exactly contrary to Jesus's bringing down the old empire of Satan on Earth.

This confusion is why this Methodist Church doesn't look at the terrorist beginnings and on-goings of the Zionist Project and then say that the so-called Jewish state is illegitimate.

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