Was the tree really on Israeli territory? Not quite. [What "Israeli" territory?] « P U L S E

Was the tree really on Israeli territory? Notquite. « P U L S E

Tom Usher wrote or added | Let me make this easy. Israel is illegitimate. It has never been legitimate. There is no such thing as a tree on Israeli land. There is no legal Israel. The facts on the ground are the evidence of the crime of nation theft. The Zionist Project is an illegitimate, racist project that unilaterally declared its theft of Palestinian land as legal and that land its land for its new nation-state. The world was totally wrong to have allowed it. The US is dumber than dirt to have supported it. The sooner the racist, fascist, anti-God Zionists have their ears pinned back the better. They will get their comeuppance (again) one way or the other. The wrath will come. Evil is visited by evil. It's always been that way. Nothing has changed in that department.
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