Christian Zionism: The Root of All Evil? [Selfishness apart from God is the root of all evil. This usage of "Christian Zionism" fits that.]

Christian Zionism: The Root of All Evil? [Selfishness apart from God is the root of all evil. Curren

Tom Usher wrote or added | "Not only do Zionists distort biblical history, they spread lies about more modern events as well. Proponents of Israel will often pander the tired Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini obfuscation in an attempt to connect all Palestinians to Adolph Hitler. Husseini was imposed upon the Palestinians in 1921 by the British Mandate's first high commissioner, a British Jew named Herbert Samuel."Good point!

Let me add that Christian-Zionism goes back way before the 1890's. I've made the case that it is deeply ingrained in the Protestant Reformed Movement (largely Calvinism). However, I have seen credible references going back long before that too. Frankly, if the language is properly used, real Christian-Zionism is exactly what Jesus was talking about but worldwide and nothing akin to what the John Hagee's of the world talk about.

"... the Scofield Reference Bible published in 1909. That edition contained copious footnotes instructing readers how to interpret Bible verses and prophecy centered around the re-establishment of Israel as a modern nation-state."

Actually, it wasn't until blatant "modern" Zionist Jews took control of that Reference Bible that things really became distorted. Some of the things Scofield had in his original version were massaged after his death and in new editions. I can attest to that because I have a copy of the original and have compared it directly against the later versions. Scofield left things not nearly as "Zionist" as they are today in that Bible commentary. It's a sin that the publishers do not inform "Christian" readers about this. They leave his name on it without prominent qualification, as if it's not been posthumously edited.

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