[Hogwash:] Make Bush Tax Cuts Permanent: Trickle Down Economics Works, Says John Tamny

[Hogwash:] make bush tax cuts permanent trickle down economics works says john tamny: Tech Ticker, Y

Tom Usher wrote or added | Look, if this guy, John Tamny, the editor of RealClearMarkets and a senior economic adviser to H.C. Wainwright Economics, is for slashing the Pentagon (even eliminating it all together; yes!) and ending the National Debt by re-nationalizing the currency via United States Notes, then his tax-cutting position would work. Otherwise, he's an economic idiot who hasn't read the history of the nation, pre-Social Security and Medicare, etc. The middle- and working-class were in real trouble before SS and Medicare.

Michael Rectenwald

The only thing that should trickle down is the blood of the parasite, capitalist class. When that trickles down, the economy will work for the vast majority.

Tom Usher

Hey Michael,

Watch your back.

By the way, my one-and-only neo-Nazi FB "Friend" (literally) "liked" your comment. Are you still a neo-Nazi, Dean? I'm waiting for him openly to renounce it. The National Socialists (some of them) want to kill the Capitalists too. As you both know, I am not for killing them but for converting them without force.

Now, as for my other FB friend who also hit the like-link on your comment, Chris 'Pyrate' McCabe, she and I are both professing Christians; but I can't figure out why she holds with so many things that I see as anti-Christ.

Anyway, there is one thing we all have in common and that's our anti-capitalism. How people can laud capitalism, which is so utterly selfish, is in the end, incomprehensible to me.

The push is on now to re-nationalize the US currency so we can have issuance interest-free and completely pay off the National Debt (at least to the non-fraudsters). Usury is evil, so this movement is a good thing. Michael, since you have a pretty solid background in Marxian economics and teach at the university level on the subject, you should bone up on this video not because it's Marxian, but because it is going to become an issue. I'm going to help see to it:


Dean, Chris, please also watch the video. Favorite it. Share it. Comment on my wall about it, etc. We need this to catch on and go viral.

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