"Stefan Simanowitz goes to the pictures with the people of Western Sahara [the Saharawi]" New Statesman

Tom Usher wrote or added | "Despite its unpromising location, the film festival attracts more than 400 actors, producers and film industry insiders from around the world. As well as attempting to highlight the humanitarian crisis resulting from Morocco's occupation of Western Sahara, FiSahara provides the refugees with educational opportunities. This year there were over a dozen audiovisual training workshops, ranging from sound editing to film archiving. Now in its seventh year, the festival also offers the refugees a rare chance to go to the movies."

Tell their story.

The United States doesn't stand up for these people, just as it doesn't stand up for the Palestinians and so many other people around the world who are pushed around for no good reason. In fact, the US does plenty of that utterly shameful pushing. I'm standing up as an American and saying so.

No matter what country you are from, stand up against all the bullies in the world and make it clear that they are being shameful — a disgrace. If they don't develop proper working consciences when asked (and I'm asking globally), let them fail (no curse; just prophecy — we believe in mercy and forgiveness). Make it known.

Not perfect but some background: Western Sahara

Dessie Harris

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