[Capitalism hasn't, doesn't, and won't work] Beyond City Limits - By Parag Khanna

[Capitalism hasn't, doesn't, and won't work] Beyond City Limits - By Parag Khanna
Source: www.foreignpolicy.com

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This article has it wrong. Mega-city-states aren't going to be the dominant governments. One-world government is the trend. It's only a question of what form that one government will take – what principles and standards will rein.

"Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, the world's fourth-richest person, is reportedly spending close to $2 billion on the construction of his 27-story home — complete with hanging gardens, a health center, and helipads — all with a bird's-eye view of Mumbai's largest slum, Dharavi."
"What happens in our cities, simply put, matters more than what happens anywhere else. Cities are the world's experimental laboratories and thus a metaphor for an uncertain age. They are both the cancer and the foundation of our networked world, both virus and antibody. From climate change to poverty and inequality, cities are the problem — and the solution. Getting cities right might mean the difference between a bright future filled with HafenCitys and Songdos — and a world that looks more like the darkest corners of Karachi and Mumbai."

Getting it right is required. Capitalism though is part of the obstacle to doing that, as Mukesh Ambani's obscenity makes clear to all but those diseased with sociopathy.

What is needed is a change of heart/spirit from greed to giving and sharing — from the wrong kind of hate to the right kind and degree of love.

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