Is Obama Care Illegal? [Capitalists just loved Scrooge before he saw the light] by Dom Armentano

Tom Usher commented or added the following:

"In actual fact governmental regulation of business – including health and safety regulation – has always existed in the U.S. Even during the Colonial period, hundreds of laws regulating 'commerce hampered strict free trade." Health and safety regulations hamper violence and greed but not enough. The dark-hearted, selfishly motivated souls of the wickedness known as capitalism refuse to comply even with the most basic standards designed to protect the health and safety of people. The argument used by the laissez-faire types has been that people vote as consumers with their pocket books and business will end up doing the right things because that's just good business and sensible, etc. They claim it's an economic law. So, before there were regulations, why were things so much worse in terms of health and safety, not that health and safety are good enough yet? The reason they were so much worse is because greedy capitalists do not do the right things, the moral things, the decent things, the "love they neighbor as thyself" things but rather the worst they can get away with. The more they take for themselves leaving less for others, the more those others will fight over jobs with lower and lower wages and fewer and fewer benefits and lower and lower health and safety standards.

"the Congress and the courts would have to come to grips with a massive amount of empirical evidence that demonstrates that economic regulation (including healthcare regulation) is costly and counter-productive and actually harms consumers." Massive lie, that is. What evidence "that demonstrates that economic regulation (including healthcare regulation) is costly and counter-productive and actually harms consumers"? Cough it up. I've seen the garbage passed off as evidence by these guys. It's hogwash through-and-through. There can be and have been stupid regulations. To use that as an argument that regulations on balance have been worse than having none at all is even dumber. Before most of the regulations, things were hellish for a much higher percentage. The problem with most regulations has been with the greedy fighting and ignoring them.

What's wrong with Obamacare is that it wasn't modeled first on the best healthcare system in the world, and that's France's. What Obama didn't do is look at every healthcare system in the world and take the best of the best and improve on it. Instead, he caved into the corporations as planned from the beginning. Obama never even attempted to bring the rest of the people along on single-payer even though the majority were actually in favor of it when he was elected. It was a hot issue with people ready for single-payer to be put front and center.

By not fighting for single-payer, by refusing to put all the arguments for it out there front and center, Obama left the door wide open for ridiculous articles such as this one to be entertained by the still ignorant dupes.

It was deregulation that allowed the current recession/depression. Tea Partiers who think otherwise are being thickheaded and ignorant dupes of the Plutocrats.

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