[Label the food] Cloned Meat ... Invaded Our Food Supply, Posing Alarming Health Risks

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"... the BBC, UK newspapers and even a US grocer all report that US consumers are digging into clone food, whether or not they know it.

"Like bovine growth hormone and Roundup Ready crops, the government says clone products are so safe they don't need to be labeled. But the 2008 FDA report (PDF), Animal Cloning: A Risk Assessment and a report from the European Food Safety Authority ...." Evil yuck! Label it!

Tom Usher

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Betty Molchany

Don't eat meat. And not being a pure vegetarian or vegan, I eat eggs, but only from allegedly cage free hens who have not been given biotics.

Tom Usher

I'm a vegan; but what with all the GMO's out there, it's becoming nearly impossible to be purely organic. I haven't been able to afford purely organic for around five years now. I used to eat exclusively organic.

The corporatists are trying to destroy organics. They are literally Satanic, Betty.

Tom Usher

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