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"Ultimately, the advancement of the Iranian nuclear program thrusts Mahmoud Ahmadinejad one step closer to achieving his goal of setting off nuclear Armageddon!

"Under the circumstances, it's worth considering the primary motivation behind Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's quest for nukes."

Oh, please, do we have to be subjected to such utter nonsense? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does not want nuclear Armageddon! There is zero evidence that he wants a nuclear war or any kind of war. In fact, there's every reason to believe that he hates war. He's not the ultimate authority in Iran anyway, and the Supreme Leader has said that nuclear weapons are un-Islamic and that Iran does not want them and is not pursuing their development. I believe him on that.

Articles such as this one are simply fear-mongering to get the American people to agree that Israel (the wicked, wicked Zionists) and the US should start yet another war – this one against Iran. It's a very evil article.

Instead of quoting the Iranians, this Brad Macdonald quotes Joel Rosenburg, "former aide to Benjamin Netanyahu," as to what the Iranians want. After quoting a rabid Zionist (they are all pathetic liars), Macdonald says " Notice that: The state-sponsored goal of the Iranian republic is to bring about global carnage," as if what Rosenburg says is the Gospel truth. Rosenburg is a liar!

Macdonald says that Ahmadinejad "considers the acquisition of nuclear weapons a religious mandate—one he must not compromise!" Well, actually, Ahmadinejad believes that lying about nukes is a grave sin that would see him in Hell.

I don't believe in Ahmadinejad's religion, but Ahmadinejad does. He's extremely devout. He's not one who believes in the strain of Islam that claims that it's okay to lie to the non-Islamic world about Iran's true intentions.

Brad writes, "Where will Iran's ambition for global nuclear war end? As the Trumpet has often explained, the answer can be found in a biblical prophecy in Daniel 11:40-44. Here, we learn that instead of conquering Israel and America, and ushering in the return of the Mahdi, Iran—or, as it's termed in Daniel, the king of the south—will be preemptively attacked by another 'king' in a spectacular clash. This 'king of the north,' as Daniel terms it, is the now-forming German-led European power."

That's total dung. If anyone attacks Iran while Iran is simply pursuing nuclear energy and not nuclear weapons and attacks Iran under a false-claim that Iran was working to acquire nuclear weapons to use them in a first strike on the Zionists, that attacker, those attackers, will be on the receiving end of the wrath to come. I guarantee it. That's prophesying against them, the liars!

God loves truth, not political spinners. Satan gets the liars!

Tom Usher

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Laura Abraham

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Betty Molchany

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Betty Molchany

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Tom Usher

Thanks Laura and Betty. Will do, Betty. I'm getting there (working on catching up!)

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