[Way Off!] My Take: Why I support Anne Rice but am still a Christian

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I wanted to know more about it, so I followed the link to here and found Anne Rice's controversy. It even got Brian McLaren into the act. So, I went and read his article too. here. Wow, is he ever way off.

This is bad. Anne Rice has announced that she is no longer a Christian, saying that she can't be "anti-gay ... anti-feminist ... anti-artificial birth control ... anti-Democrat ... anti-secular humanism ... anti-science ... anti-life" and claiming that Christianity is all of those things, obviously. She also said, "Christ is infinitely more important than Christianity and always will be, no matter what Christianity is, has been or might become."

First of all, Christ is Christianity. Christianity can be nothing contrary to Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter what anyone else says that Christianity is or isn't, if it doesn't jibe with what Jesus said and did, it's not Christian or Christianity or his Church and he doesn't sanction the supposed change. Now, that said, let me address he specifics. Jesus was not and is not against homosexuals changing by God's healing through Jesus. Jesus is though against homosexuality. If Anne doesn't know that, too bad for her about it. Jesus said exactly what marriage is, and he said it's between a man and a woman. That's just how it is. If Anne doesn't believe in the power of God to change a homosexual into a non-homosexual, how could she possibly believe in the power of God to resurrect the dead or to heal thousands of people on a level that at the time of Jesus was clearly seen as miraculous – way beyond the healing of the flesh that occurs even for the most unbelieving people? Jesus was not against women. He had women as disciples and very close followers. He didn't take away from women. He didn't treat women as the Pharisees treated them. It's true that the twelve were males. It's true that he spoke of the Father rather than a goddess or goddesses, per se. Those things don't mean that females and mothers aren't his closest family to be treated with all the love he showed to his twelve. He said that Christians end up in the Kingdom together were they will not be married. What will male or female be in that case? The idea about artificial birth control is about a lack of self-control, of unbridled lust. Self-control is worthy. That's the central focus. What's artificial birth control in that regard? Democracy is a pain in the neck when people vote for evil. If you want to vote for Jesus, do it. If you want coercive democracy where wicked people band together in a majority to force the more righteous into greater and greater evil, well, that's just plain evil. Secular humanism is anti-Christ for the reasons I just stated. Jesus was not coercing a soul when he was here. He did one thing to people to explain, as a sign, the consequences of attempting to usurp God. He cleaned the temple of the moneychangers, etc. That was a good thing to do. If they all had listened to him rather than follow (vote) for the Pharisaic Chief Priest, Jerusalem wouldn't have been sacked and leveled by the Romans. As for science, what do you believe in? Do you believe that unless something is tested and replicated that it must be denied? Test God. Replicate the feeding of the five thousand. Test and replicate the resurrection. There's Anne writing, "I remain committed to Christ as always...." How so? I don't see any evidence of anything of the kind. I see someone writing her loathing of Jesus. She actually said that Christianity as I've described it here is "anti-life." Jesus said that he is the life. Anne Rice wants her cake and to eat it too. She can't have it both ways. She doesn't just hate Christianity and Christian followers of Jesus Christ. She hates Jesus. There's no doubt about it. She's just made up a Jesus in her head that doesn't exist anywhere else. As for Brian McLaren, he just takes the term Christianity and defines it as whatever anyone has done in the name of Christianity. That's a terrible thing to do to Jesus. I have defined Christianity above. I've done so correctly. Christianity is eternal, as are God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I take Brian McLaren as a New Ager. I take the vast majority of what is trying to pass itself off as Christian this way, or even worse, committed to Christ but anti-Christ and his Church, as New Ageism. New Ageism is anti-Christ. That's extremely clear. It's becoming clearer and clearer too. There is a stark contrast between what Anne Rice wants and what Jesus said and did. Jesus didn't come in the name of the LORD to preach and demonstrate scientism! He came with faith and the truth that, that "science" is not the end-all-be-all but rather a trap – a closed loop that precludes entering the Kingdom. Truth!

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