What's happened with this story? Andrew Maguire finally exposes systemic fraud by CFTC & JPMorgan

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This "Andrew Maguire, whistleblower, 100:1 fractional reserves on paper gold" story was completely killed and flushed by the mainstream media. I was wondering what happened to it. Here's a video from a couple of days after it broke on alternative sites followed by a link to a fairly in-depth interview with Jim Rickards, Senior Managing Director at Omnis, Inc., on the possible global financial/economic ramifications.

From the video's creator:

I don't ask for my videos to be forwarded and spread often, but this is one that really needs to get out there. This is the only video with all the currently known information that I know of. Thanks for rating, commenting, favouriting, and sharing this extremely important info!





LINK C (click the icon on the bottom left)



LINK E (click the icon on the bottom left)






If you Google any of the names from this story (such as Andrew Maguire) you see the story is hitting almost all the news sites, other than the mainstream media for the most part. But with continued exposure, they won't be able to keep it from the masses much longer!

The above NYPost article (April 11th) is huge and contains a new interview with Andrew Maguire. The MSM is finally unable to avoid reporting this any longer. This story isn't going away!

May 1 - Breaking News! JPMorgan under investigation for silver market manipulation!!!

That ends what was supplied with the first video.

I'm no gold bug and disagree with the whole "'real' money is only backed by gold or some other physical commodity idea," but the following King World News interview with Jim Rickards does contain much other valuable information.

Now, if we aren't going to fix our currency via re-nationalizing it and pegging the supply to real productivity, then the metals route for investors makes some sense (until the food runs out).

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