Who is the Family of Humanity, and Why Does Anyone Charge a Member to Eat?

Socialism, per se, isn't a bad word. Communism, per se, isn't a bad word. All communism isn't violent. All communism isn't dictatorial. All communism doesn't reflect the worst of Stalinism or Maoism or any other coercive force.

Coercion is the bad word, and capitalism can't do without it.

Nowhere are the people allowed freely to choose socialism and remain unmolested by capitalists. It just has never happened. Capitalism is based upon greed and selfishness, and those two things are understood to be sheer evils when the terms are used in their right context, which is within the whole, full context of history, philosophy, religion, etc.

The best economic system ever conceived is voluntary socialism/communism. It comes straight out from God.

Economics is absolutely nothing more and nothing less than what is understood to be "home economics." There is no other kind when the term economics is properly understood and used. The point here is that "home" is the Earth, the whole Earth, and everywhere human beings, Homo sapien sapiens (our species; our family), wise men, are, or will be.

Economics is the system of organization. It is the political system. It is how things are governed whether in the microcosmic or macrocosmic and/or anything and everything between the extremes.

"Home," "family," mine," "yours," and many other such terms are not properly understood or used.

"Capital" is a loosely used term loosely used so many may mask the true meaning, the true and better and best possibilities. General terms in combination is the starting place for coming to understand the term "capital" and possibilities for correcting the family and home. Where does wealth reside? What is wealth? Capital is wealth. It resides where we decide individually and collectively in small and large groups. True "capital" or "wealth" is understood as that which is ultimately beneficial an asset rather than a liability. In the end, it is not a debt. It doesn't rob or deprive or cause scarcity but rather brings forth real, inexhaustible bounty. There are no "externalities" (lame excuses for ultimately damaging others) about it.

Ownership is not the same thing as possession. The home belongs to the whole family. Your home is yours. You own it and possess it. There are only diversions from this. If you rent or owe the bank on the "home, your home is not yours. This then shows that "your home" is an expression that has undergone diluting and twisting processes for effect.

"Economics" has been manipulated so neither merit nor need, not true familial love, will see their way clear to restoration of proper economics. True merit and need are deliberately ignored by anti-home, anti-family spirits, feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds.

In the family in nature before selfishness, everything is done for the whole family by the whole family with the interest of each and all being at the fore (the head). All own all while each possesses what is needed and then what is properly wanted still with all of the foregoing kept in mind. The more the family is and remains true to this wholesome spirit, the better things are and remain. The more the family disintegrates, leaving behind this wholesome spirit, the more disintegration is encountered and the dumber the family becomes, even in member's evermore-complex rationalizations.

The current state of the state is disunity. The current state of the anti-state is disunity. The correct path, the path of restoration, is the strait and narrow forward to the family of humanity (before selfishness) and the Earth, as one home and as understood by what I've stated above.

The right state, the right government, economy, stewardship, leadership, and discipleship are all the same thing. The right politics is the same.

Giving and sharing was, and is, the right economic system. It was in the beginning. There was, and still is, evolution and selection. The Bible is full of both. The Gospel is about evolution and selection.

Here's what John the Baptist said, with which Jesus agreed wholeheartedly:

"And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire." (Matthew 3:10)

That's requiring the evolution of everything (emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds) to change outcomes. If such evolution is rejected by members of the family of humanity, those rejecting members will be cut off and not continue. Their bloodlines, their DNA, will be cut off. Also though, they will failed to have evolve spiritually. Everything about them that is now beyond their limited perceptions (physical senses as they conceive of them in limitation) will devolve into yet lower states. Those, however, who believe and act accordingly will evolve.

So, anti-family, anti-Earth emotions entered in. Rather than giving and sharing, the opposite started raising its ugly head, its wrong-headed head. Competition set in to supplant cooperation. Cooperation in wholesomeness is for the sake of one and all. Competition opposed to such cooperation is for the sake of one against that wholesome all and also therefore against each of the others constituting that all and even where combinations of various competing spirits gather against that wholesome spirit, that righteousness, that good.

In order to grab what can be grabbed during this phase of the existence of the soul, the selfish developed illiberal schemes and worked to establish false ideas amongst the family, that is humanity, and within each individual mind and within groups. False ideas about how the family should be ordered, governed, arranged, compensated, etc. were propagated. The original, natural, God-given law was censored by wholly, unholy, unenlightened brutish, selfish, anti-family forces. This then was seeding more of the same. It magnified. Harvest after harvest was greater and greater evil: violence, taking, stealing possessions, hoarding, demanding in the face of huge duress, sexual libertinism, and on an on — all the rest of the evils we either love or hate and that I do hate.

Between perfect righteousness and complete depravity, there is a huge but false spectrum. Clever but selfish souls worked both directions but always in unenlightened selfishness. They forgot the original law. That law didn't serve their selfish ends, devolution even though they choose to not see it. Consequently, rather than stand with righteousness, they devised various illiberal, anti-giving, anti-sharing, devices. The most sinister of those is money.

Money (mammon) is called a medium of exchange. It took various forms but ended up being a coin. The coercive power created the coins and dictated that all would accept the coins in trade for goods and services and to pay to the dictatorial, coercive, unenlightened head a tribute or tax or tithe. Later, money became paper and is now magnetized bits and will become yet something else as mindless technology continues evolving that is still really part of the overall devolutionary process.

What we currently have as the so-called economic system are private dictators with one main head (changing from time to time due to attrition and other causes), who remains unidentified except to the inner circle of schemers, who control the coinage, and paper-money printing and magnetization and laser burning and what have you, all of which constitutes the so-called money supply and money in circulation (including that which is stored up). They decide the "money" supply. They expand or contract that supply and decide who is first issued newly created money and what may or may not be done with it. They do all of this behind a cover, a shroud, that is called the government ostensibly "of, by, and for the people" but that is actually exactly the opposite (against the people as a whole) because the people do not control their own family matters, which it to say that the whole of humanity isn't living under the original natural law I've described above.

Money was never needed. It is an evil, arbitrary, artificial contrivance designed for the benefit of those who issue it and control it: the bankers, the usurers, the serpentine moneychangers whom Jesus cleaned from the Temple for a sign, a microcosmic sign of what would come soon thereafter in a more macrocosmic level, which coming was the wrath that took the form of the Roman Legions that smashed that Temple as Jesus had prophesied would happen because the people would not turn, repent, and atone in sufficient numbers to change the leadership from the false, the moneychangers, the Pharisees, to righteousness, who by definition, is God.

It's not complicated. Economics is easy. Economics is not hard. Economics is not understood by "degreed" so-called economists, quite the contrary. They are dupes of history. They talk only within the false system set up by the original schemers. Many of them actually believe that right rather than sin lies within that system and is obtainable with tweaking of that system. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you should see from reading this and should admit openly from here on out.

So, at one point, about AD 1950, the United States of America, by a combination of means, came to represent fully one half of the world's so-called economy. Part of why it was able to do that was due to working the spectrum of which I spoke above that is "Between perfect righteousness and complete depravity." "Clever but selfish souls worked both directions but always in unenlightened selfishness. They forgot the original law."

Now, there are those who will say that the US was founded on the natural law and real enlightenment, etc., but they are completely wrong by reason of stating half-truths. In the context of perfection, perfect union and not simply a "more perfect union," half-truth positions constitute an attempt at fence-sitting at best and ultimately always fall short of perfection. Bringing forth a "more perfect union" is bringing forth other than what will arrive at perfection that will not be cutoff.

The "Founding Fathers" of America brought forth only a forced giving and sharing for themselves as aristocrats. Everything they did was compromise with the proverbial devil rather then holding out as Jesus did for salvation.

So, while the US has its Constitution, that document does not represent the best system yet devised, far from it. Just as Jesus enhanced the spiritual understanding of Mosaic letter of the law, the original natural law, which is Jesus's too, enhances the spirit of the law over the letter of that Constitution.

That said, I want to make clear that schemers came along and took advantage of that Constitution to pull it even further away from more perfection. They tricked the masses into accepting the privatization of the people's currency, which no longer exists. The "money" is not issued by and for the people to themselves but rather printed by the ostensible people's government under the direction of the private bankers, who do not have the whole people's best, unselfish interests at heart but rather the private bankers' false-hearted wealth, power, and control in those bankers' evil, dark hearts.

The current system is that the bankers dictate to the US Treasury how much private currency to print or create. The bankers pay a printing fee but they pay it out of the money they dictate be printed. This they hope will not come to the attention of the masses. The government, no longer being able to create money as still required by the Constitution, must issue IOU's in the form of Treasury bonds in exchange for borrowing money from the private bankers to pay for governmental goods and services, etc. Income and other taxes are then collected and used to pay back principal but more so usury on the bonds that the private banksters hold and others hold around the world.

The bankers used the money they indirectly create this way as so-called reserves against which they lend out ten times as much, again to the people in the form of commercial and personal loans that require collateral and usury payments to those bankers who have done nothing to bring forth real value but have rather simply taken advantage of the unconstitutional arrangement that rapes the masses, which is exactly what the constitutional provision was designed to prevent. The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax are for this reason both unconstitutional and by rights should be overturned.

The creation of the money supply by means of debt and usury is inherently inflationary it the money is not controlled to keep it from circulating, which happens to be the case as I write this on Monday, July 26, 2010. The vast majority of recently created money has been plowed into what is call finance capitalism rather than industrial (productive, non-passive) capitalism. The bankers issued themselves the money to cover their losses and under the bait that they would then lend it to the people to stimulate but they rather paid themselves record-setting bonuses, bought up smaller but better managed competitors (consolidating their monopolistic power), parked huge sums at the Federal Reserve that pays them interest (ultimately from American taxpayer taxes) and on money the banks didn't have to "pay" for, and otherwise manipulate the carry trade and so-called "equity" markets (stocks, etc.) for more passive (non-productive) gain or profit at the direct and negative expense of all regular workers and small-business people throughout the world.

Anyone who doesn't like it can look forward to having a missile shot at him or having some other evil done. Of course, all banker flesh will give up the ghost; so the final winners in all of this remains God's and not evil's (by many names not the least uncommon of which is Satan).

What are the alternatives? What is the one and only ultimate alternative that isn't really an alternative but the only path that escapes damnation? The answer has already been given: the giving and sharing wholesome family and home that encompasses the whole of humanity everywhere at all times.

We certainly shouldn't have a Federal Reserve. We certainly shouldn't be paying usury. We certainly shouldn't be paying taxes. We certainly shouldn't have a medium of exchange known as mammon. We shouldn't be organized on the basis of selfishness, which is euphemistically referred to as "enlightened self interest" or "own best interest" and the like. Real "enlightened self interest" and "own best interest" is where the self is recognized in all of ones' brothers and sisters and cousins, etc. the whole of humanity, as I've said. The capitalists, who are always finally coercive, don't want you to know about this or don't see it themselves.

A first step is the step back as a Nation from the scheme that was brought out from darkness that is the Federal Reserve. The people should take back the money. It should be nationalized ASAP, no ifs, ands, or buts.

The currency should be issued by the people's government, usury-free, and without any backing but the full faith of the people in each other. There is zero need for so-called precious metals to back up anything. Such metals are just more scam. The metals are "scarce," so those who control the mines and refining and storage vaults, etc., would still control the people.

The excuse is the avoidance of inflation, but if there is no usury and if the money is issued solely for what the people really need and want, it is always fixed to real productive growth.

Taking it all one step further will be necessary to bring forth the best we are able. The people don't need any money anymore than a smaller family needs money to work its own soil to bring forth food that is served on its own table to which every member may come to eat without mammon. All that is needed is faith in each other as a whole that is the spirit of God, again by definition, whether those who don't believe in spirit believe it or not.

The whole of humanity should treat itself as one big family, which it in fact really is, with no group deserving more by reason of superiority and with no groups being a separate race more beloved by God, as God frowns upon the haughty and arrogant and those who deny all of this, God's given law.

What I have done is devise a real liberal device called the Christian Commons.

I hope you will join me in bringing forth the Commons that represents that original, natural, God-given law. The people will own the Commons. They will be the family on the Commons where they bring forth and eat without charge. The Commons will translate mammon into Commons again.

If you love the capitalist confusion, then continue being a sucker for the confidence men of "capitalism." If you love the real law, help me to help others to help yet others.

Peace, love, and giving and sharing all,

For: The Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project

Tom Usher

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