House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC), Black Friday, May 13, 1960, San Francisco

| According to the fascists, democratic socialism can't be allowed even in a democracy. That's why the fake-laissez-faire-capitalist plutocrats see to it that there is a balancing act where the truth is never allowed. If the people were allowed to choose in a completely open and informed society, they would voluntarily choose common ownership. The things that retard it are lies leading to ignorance. Because the elitists block the people from speaking freely, people fight back and often violently. Whose fault is that, the people's or the plutocrats'? Well, violence is bad, but we know who has the greater sin in the matter.

"J. Edgar Hoover wrote:

"'With the tension growing, the inevitable happened. Violence flared that afternoon. One of the judges in a municipal courtroom in City Hall ordered the mob dispersed because the noise made it impossible for him to hold court. When an attempt was made to carry out the order, the crowd responded by throwing shoes and jostling the officers. An officer warned that fire hoses would have to be used if the crowd did not disperse, but the crowd, instigated by Communists who had maneuvered themselves into strategic positions became more unruly.

"'One of the demonstrators provided the spark that touched off the flame of violence. Leaping a barricade that had been erected, he grabbed an officer's night stick and began beating the officer over the head. The mob surged forward as if to storm the doors, and a Police Inspector ordered the fire hose turned on.'

"The HCUA(1) agreed. After it was all over, the Committee issued 0peration Abolition, a report to Congress in the form of a documentary film. In script and in narration, it closely mirrored Hoover's account.

"The event is important as much for what happened afterward as for what happened on May 13th. The demonstration against the HCUA was the first major political activity by students outside the deep South. It gave a foretaste of a new politics of protest. It served as a rallying point for students all over the country partly because of the dramatic impact, largely because of the controversy.

"The official reports were blatantly false. There had been no Communist instigation, no attempt by the police to clear the building, no attack upon a police officer. There had been no surge to the door. The police had simply turned high-pressure fire hoses on a group of seated demonstrators. They arrested 64 people and then lied about what happened."

Of course.

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