Israeli education ministry approves new "whites-only" settlement school - International Middle East.

Tom Usher commented or added the following:

How insane can insane be? Jewish Nazis!

Dean Smithson

Jewish Nazis... That's an insult to National Socialism.

Tom Usher

Grow up, Dean. Nazis have always been segregationists based upon skin color. Don't you know anything about your professed ideology? If it isn't segregationist, it isn't Nazi. Get the right label for yourself; however, you're twisting because you are a segregationist.

Dean Smithson

Well i'm sure not a Bible thumping Liberal.

Tom Usher

What's "a Bible thumping Liberal" to you? Define it here for me/us if you are able.

Dean Smithson

It is you who is the Bible Thumping Liberal I have seen ur website, yes you are anti- Capitalist, anti - Zionist, but also anti - National Socialist/ White Nationalist, you are both Christian and Liberal you like to recommend folks to read the Bible and often quote from it, thus Bible thumping some.

Tom Usher

Well, Dean, at least you're trying to answer. Thumping is a loaded term. I don't thump the Bible. Quoting from the Bible is not thumping it. I quote the Qur'an too, but I certainly am not thumping it when doing so. I quote books. You choose to term it thumping. You should study up on the connotation so you may apply it accurately, at least in the minds of people who care to differentiate.

Now, what's a liberal, anyone who isn't a Nazi? Nazis are conservatives then? Right-wing "socialists" is an interesting mix. Of course, that's fascism.

Yes, I'm not a Nazi. I am a liberal, but you don't know what that is; or do you?

Are you a glutton for punishment? Are you into masochism?

What are you trying to accomplish here? Look back at all your comments on my various posts, and discern the pattern.

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